Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music and blogging

I used to think the xx was really annoying, what with their intentionally subdued spoken-singing, but I actually really like them now. Crystalised, VCR, Basic Space, Angels. And I really like Angels remixed by Jelacee. It's a slower sadder tempo, and has a really gnarly beat.

Things aren't going as good as planned. I planned to tell 4 people this week, but so far the two Skype dates I planned haven't been on schedule, and for some reason I'm freaking out about that. I'm feeling a bit weird now too about this whole thing, really unsure about what the point is about coming clean.

I started this from inspiration really, from other YouTube coming out stories and reading blogs of people going through a somewhat similar situation. It's kinda weird, but I related so much with them, and so I actually tore through all the posts in like, 3-4 days. Pretty fucking creepy I know. bdgatorfan.blogspot.com and socrkid17.blogspot.com were two of such blogs. They went through pretty similar struggles, but were a lot braver than me and actually came out during college itself. I'm now actually done with college (I graduated two quarters early) and am now really debating if I should even tell any of my friends in college because I don't know if I'd see them much from now on (I'm not even in the states anymore). I do talk to them online pretty frequently though. I kind of regret not confronting this issue a lot earlier in my life, it probably would have made my college life a bit more fulfilling (it kind of tapered off after a while because I wasn't getting any action ha)

I'd write freely about things that happened before, and then get back to the present and see how things go on from here.

I also really, really like music. I remember the first time I discovered this song. I was stoned out of my mind and sitting in my room eating one of those wasabi green peas and just enjoying the mini-explosions of spice in my mouth, and I saw this video and it was just amazing. Haha. I know it's ecstasy though, but the herb is equally awesome.

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  1. Haha, now that you've pointed it out, the XX may have been trying to be cool with their spoken-singing shtick but I think they just aren't that good singers to begin with but it works with their style so yeah. And why you no like 'Islands'? Loved it the second I heard it. I also like that they avoid using he/she in their lyrics to leave it open.