Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My country

I didn't want to write out my country in plain for fear of losing anonymity. But I can describe it. I'm from a strange faraway "disneyland" that I'm not sure if many in the states are familiar with. My country is the size of Las Vegas (it is tiny), but has 10 times the number of people living there. We also have 10 times less the number of casinos that the Las Vegas Strip has, but yet generate about the same overall revenue. Most of the people here are not white. Although we don't have much in common with the states, we have TGI. Friday's, Wendy's, Chili's, Applebee's, Dairy Queen, Quiznos, Subway, California Pizza Kitchen, Domino's, Hooters (I remember my roommate soph year driving me to one for my birthday as a surprise, ahahaha was pretty awk) and even Universal Studios. But we're halfway across the world. Some people have said that we're the most Western country you can find outside of the West.

Why did I say disneyland? Because my country looks a little bit unreal tbh.

Here's a picture of our skyline:

We have some pretty outlandish trees:

We also host the Formula One Grand Prix some times:

I love my country a lot, especially the food that we have here. We have food from everywhere around the world. We are also pretty diverse. While we are incredibly cosmopolitan, the older generation is fiercely conservative mostly due to the persistence of very traditional ideals. In fact a lot of the older generation are xenophobic and quite against the flood of immigration of recent times. While homosexuality is illegal here, I probably exaggerated the extent of the conservatism though, the younger generation is a lot more socially liberal. 


  1. Alright dude, I know exactly where this is....family friends of ours have been and love it there....sick pics man

    1. haha awesome! if you ever come to this side of the world let me know haha, i can recommend you a couple cool places to check out

  2. dude those are fuckin sick pics of the skyline and the trees