Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Nice guys finish last"

Everyone is familiar with that saying. The funny thing is, most of my friends, especially female friends, have been telling me that I'm so sweet/gentlemanly/nice. I think it's a thing most closeted gay people kind of do. Either they turn out to be internalized homophobic bullies, or they have this guilt complex and treat everyone really nicely, to kind of apologize for not revealing their 'secret' to others. I know because of my struggle to understand my 'difference' I have become very attuned at observing people, or 'people-watching' I guess. I read people's personalities pretty well, and pretty quickly too. And I am a lot more open-minded and able to empathize with other people who are struggling with any kinds of issues, be it weight problems, or race problems etc.

So in my case, this nice guy did finish last. But that's because this nice guy's actually gay.

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