Sunday, January 27, 2013

We come into your soul when your guide is gone

So the previous post was pretty pathetic. But that was genuinely how I felt, so I'm just going to leave it up there. The music festival did not turn out to be that much of a riot; last year there were a lot of better bands like Feist, Girls, Chairlift, The Drums, M83 (holy fucking shit). This year the closing band was...Gotye. I mean, it was really cathartic to sing BUT U DIDN'T HAVE TO CUTTTTT ME OFFFFF but honestly everyone left after that song was played. I liked Kings of Convenience, Of Monsters and Men, Kimbra, and the ohsochill Real Estate. The rest of the bands was pretty shit. Japandroids is not music, no clue why would people think that. Laneway was way too hipster in general for me, and I consider myself a huge music dude but man, these bands did not play music. Just noise.

I guess I'm really happy for my best bud #1. I'd call him J. When he told me he was hanging out a lot with this girl, I thought it wasn't anything serious, but man yesterday was like a curveball thrown at me. They were holding hands like all the fricken time, laying on each other, whispering sweet-nothings to each other, stuff like that. Honestly if I knew that they were this serious, I wouldn't have gone to the festival with them. Thankfully there were other friends around that I was kicking it back with, but I'm not exactly close friends with them. This chick told me last night too, "Hey I feel like we've always been peripheral friends! Let's stop that and be actual friends and hang out!" The whole thing was kind of awkward because the French dude that she used to hook up with came later in the night, and ummm, I may or may not have tried to hit on him when I was sloshed one weekend with them, and I was being awk as balls around him (he told her that I was hitting on him, lmao). Now without the beer goggles, I can safely still say though, that I have pretty good taste, because he is hot lol, but apparently an asshole (to aforementioned chick). 

Here are a couple of pictures:


Also I oddly got really drunk out of nowhere. I knocked back a pint of beer, and had half a half-bottle of single malt, using green tea as a mixer (fuckyeahasians ahahaha). Then I found myself jumping up and down to Tame Impala thinking that I would kill a deer for a joint, and singing my lungs out to Gotye's one-hit-wonder song. Woke up this morning still feeling buzzed as hell, weird.

I'm becoming really whiny as of late. I just want to go to a rave, and forget everything.

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  1. Hey man sup
    Im sorry that you're feeling like that at this time, there's always those moments where everything just piles up and handling it all at the same time is overbearing, i understand

    Thats why i'd advise you to not rush into anything that could makes matter worse later on

    Try understanding that your parents upbringing really affects their views on things and their attitudes as well.
    Mine were raised practically raised around christianity, thats why they are the way they are today and I've come to terms with that

    Rushing into conclusions right now on the outcome of the whole thing wont help either, you dont know how things will play out in the end, and if they do decide to separate it wont be your fault, as things are already messed up as it is

    I know its hard dude but hold on..this will pass and you will figure out how to work things out
    Dont think youre alone, theres many people going through similar stuff and we understand what its like

    P.S: cool pictures man..i spy some boat shoes! Lol hope i got that right haha