Friday, February 1, 2013

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

So a few things have happened over the past couple of days.

1. My mom has been smiling a lot more these days, and I look at her and feel that she seems a lot more at ease with things. We had many open heart-to-heart talks, and I love her for being such an incredibly resilient woman. I feel that we are closer now than before, which is awesome. She has also been distracted fussing over me after my wisdom teeth extraction.

2. I've also decided that I'm going to try and be a lot more positive about my future and stop wallowing so much in self-pity. Life isn't bad at all. Gotta focus on the positives. 

3. I caught Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a couple days back. Each of them killed it. These are a few of my favorite bands so I was enjoying myself so much. Only thing was I was really sober because I had my op the next day, but I still had fun nonetheless. Here are a couple of pictures:

Band of Horses
Vampy Weeks TOTALLY killed it

Yeah Yeah Yeahs were insane, she was so sexual on stage ha
4. I extracted all 4 wisdom teeth yesterday, and when I woke up from the anesthesia, I was tripping mad balls and giggling like a lil school girl on the operating seat. I asked the nurses if they could make it last longer and they laughed at me and said "we're not authorized to do that." Aww. It was so much fun! I bled a lot and had to change gauzes multiple times, but now I'm good, and it's only a little swollen. I heard on the third day it gets really bad though.

5. I decided to come out to two of my gay friends. Honestly, it was a lot harder than coming out to my straight friends. The first guy told me that he found it very hard to believe because he says his gaydar is really good and that I come across as so straight. But then again, he is a salsa dancer or modern dancer or whatever. He told me it's great that I told him, and that he feels a lot of pressure to show me the ropes as a Higher Elder Homo (H.E.H.) lolol. He told me that my first task was to create a profile on Jack'd, and that I'd earn 10 XP and 2 gold for this first quest ahaha he's such a fucken nerd.

The second guy I told gave me a rather -.- response. He said he always sort of guessed, because he has an aversion to straight men, and all his friends are either gay, I was like, wow...thanks asshole. But yeah whatever. He said at least my parents are accepting of me and I should be really happy (I didn't tell him about my dad though, obviously) because his dad isn't letting him back to the house since he's coming back home with his boyfriend from the UK...

6. One thing I've realized from both of them is, I still feel very out of place in the 'gay community.' The first guy hangs out with very flamboyant dancers. The second guy hangs out with a lot of fag hags. I made a Jack'd account, and so far I've had very creepy messages only. One guy named gstring (kid you not) told me he drives and that we should "date etc."I don't get the point of him telling me he drives. Another dude who is 57 years old wrote "Hi handsome yr profile attract." Man okay, people need to speak better English...and be younger. I'm probably going to close my account in a few days' time, it feels kinda hopeless lol.

7. This is my favorite song from the YYYs, because her voice is perfect here.

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