Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming out stories

So I don't know how many people reading this are in the closet, considering getting out, or have already come out. But I just thought that I should share a couple of videos that I watched on YouTube that helped convince me that I should come out. It wasn't an easy choice, I cried a lotttt during those days when I was watching them. In fact, I would start to tear when I heard Macklemore's Same Love. That doesn't happen anymore though. It's a song filled with hope for me now. Anyway, here are the videos. There are many of them. Yes, I watched them all a month ago. I chose only those of regular guys, and not those with celebrity status like the AreYouSurprised military guy. If you are considering coming out of the closet, you should check some of these out. Ok that's all I have.


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