Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot Musicians

I'm not sure if a musician is necessarily my type as although my music taste is pretty indie at times I really don't think I can deal with the bearded shaggy-haired type of dudes. It feels like they're trying a lil too hard. But as I've said before, I have a weakness for vocal talent, and deep lyrics. Like I've said before, I like reg dudes into dudes, so the following are not the best looking, but their voices are incredibly attractive, and that's hotter than a pretty face. Here are a couple of hot musicians:

1. Diego Boneta


Okay. So pretty much this guy defies the "not best looking" caveat that I mentioned above. He is unbelievably hot AND talented. Just google pictures of him. There aren't a lot of HD videos of him singing live, so this is the best that I can find (He's Mexican btw, hence the incredibly fluent Spanish). Apparently he's in Rock of Ages, but Tom Cruise looks like such a wanker in there (I've been in London long enough to use that) I don't know if I'd want to watch it.

2. Sufjan Stevens

I have to mention Sufjan again. Soofyahn is a fucking cool name btw. Many of his songs are drawn from biblical passages/stories, but it can also be interpreted to just be folklore.

He wears wings when he goes on stage. How cool is that. Also check out that body.

Watch the video, and ignore his incredibly hippie outfit (bandana and a cut-out shirt wtf). What an incredible voice.


3. Frank Ocean

So if you're gay and you haven't heard of Frank Ocean, you're probably living under a rock. He's probably the first gay male rapper, and the following song is about the first guy he fell in love with. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't really find any attractive pictures of him, since he has scruff in most of them and hence looks really old. The above is the only one where he is less scruffy, and he kinda gives off a Donald Glover vibe.

He also has some major kickass pipes, and his songs are gnarly as fucccckk. Pyramids is another dope track. 

4. Jack Savoretti

His voice is incredibly emotive. I really like it. His songs are the kind you listen to when you're walking back at night with like street lamps and shit, and you kinda want to be alone with your hands in your pocket and be all brooding and shit. Doesn't hurt that he looks good too. 

5. The Lead from The Dig

The lead's second from the right. This dude looks like a typical college kid, which is great because he isn't trying to be someone else or like fit the indie genre, like say Angus Stone. The general feel of this song is also incredible. If I can think of one word to describe it, it's slinky. Don't ask me why, I just think so. 

6.  Angus Stone from Angus & Julia Stone

This Australian is such a goddamn hippie it makes me cringe.


FFS bro, you have taken the Jesus motif way too far. Also, who dresses like a homeless man for the red carpet?

But hold up. He did clean his act up after a while.

Yeah holy shit there you go. However, as I honestly cannot find any video of him without looking like a straight up hobo, I'd just put his song without his face on here. Also, his sister is incredibly smokin' (she's in the picture below) like seriously what a beautiful and sexy face.


7. Lead from Reptar

Because I've tried avoiding mainstream musicians I'm left with the crazy dudes. Haha. Reptar makes incredibly catchy music. I saw them at a huge music festival in the Midwest a couple years ago and it was clear they were just screwing around with the audience and having fun just being fools. 

Dude is just nuts and sounds like he has a furball and seizures at the same time. The album version of this song is killer though, it's in my "songs to wake up to" playlist. 

8. Hoodie Allen

This guy just seems like such a cool bro to chill out with. I have listened to his songs high as fuck and although he vehemently denies he does 'weed rap' (like music catered to stoners), it's surprisingly fun. 

Like this song. It's incredibly kinky. He talks about screwing your girlfriend on the couch or on the phone in the chorus. Also, the girls in the video are really hot, especially the scene in the car when the blondie stares into the camera. It's like she's purring "fuck me." Lol. I don't know why but I love it when girls have really thick eye makeup to accentuate their eyes. It's very foxy and sexy, and I immediately kind of want to be the smooth Gosling-esque type of guy. 

Anyway, that's it. This whole list is some right bullshit haha, I obviously tried to avoid Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, etc. Hope y'all like some of the songs though.

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