Saturday, February 2, 2013


k. this really fucking sucks. i honestly have no friends left at home. it's so hard to deal with this friendlessness because over my last 3 years in college i made an additional 700-ish friends on facebook. granted, i don't keep in regular contact with more than 80% of them, but my point is i'm an extremely sociable person and lately i've been feeling anything but. i used to never have the time for anything like blogging, but now i find myself turning over here and writing every couple of hours. i just have to try and deal with this newfound abundance in alone time.

things i'm going to do for the rest of the day:

1. okay. i'm going to make it a point to walk my dogs twice everyday now. once in the morning, and once in the evening. they can't go midday. they're huskies in a tropical climate, they'd melt. this way i get to walk around my really suburban and quiet neighborhood and just soak in the quietness.
2. download the walking dead
3. sort through all my old clothes from middle/high school, and start packing them to donate to the salvation army. then, another day, i will unpack my suitcases (all 3 of them)
4. sleep before midnight



edit: okay just got back from walking them dogs. i walked each one separately for about 45 minutes around the neighborhood. my female husky is clearly the belle of the ball of all the dogs in the hood, also i'm pretty sure she has a notsosecret affair going on with one of the black long-haired collies, cos we stood outside the fence for a good 2-3 minutes for them to just look at each other and try to paw each other. haha. she's an absolute beauty though, here's a picture of the lady:


while walking around the neighborhood, i spotted one maserati, three porsches, one ferrari, and one aston martin. because of land scarcity, import and congestion taxes are insane in my country, and often times these cars are in the range of 400-900k USD, which is a lot more than what they cost in the states. i realized many people in the neighborhood probably became pretty wealthy over the last couple years. i also wondered if many of them are going through midlife crises, and whether any of the husbands cheated on their wives, whether the wives were in unhappy marriages, or maybe some of the dads were gay too. i also don't get it, i don't see anyone my age. oh right. they're all at college. only this fucker over here decided to graduate early. suburbia is so odd. everything is so fake. but maybe everyone is happy too. only those behind the fences and walls would know.

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