Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My mom asked me if I thought my cousin was gay. I said no way, he's such a dude. She told me that the reason why she was asking is because no one knows why he divorced his ex-wife, who was honestly such a catch (she placed everyone else before herself, was extremely nice to talk to, and oh yeah she's a shipyard heiress lol). She still is really good friends with him, and with us, but none of them will talk about their divorce. When I went over to my aunt's place, I started checking him out, and noticed that he has been hitting the gym a lot, crazy biceps man. He also drives a Ferrari but apparently his brother said he doesn't really use it much to pick up girls. It's interesting if another family member is gay, since I thought I was the only one.

I made new fag hag friends. I don't know why but girls really do love gay guys. I went over to my friend's place to play bananagrams and poker, and these two girls that were at the club last night were there. They asked me if I was feeling better, and after I confirmed to them that I'm gay (people weren't sure since I didn't tell them) immediately they adopted me as their new pet project and was like, "let's go to another gay club this Friday I'd introduce you to all my faaabulous friends." Haha. I think I'm going to try my best to be less guarded this time. Honestly I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out; it's really useful to have fag hag friends. They're so interested in hooking me up with a guy, and started asking me for what types of guys I prefer, whether I want to go to a gay gym with them etc... So funny. I asked them why do girls like gay guys so much, and they said it's because the straight guys in my country are all duds, and that the gay guys are so much hotter and more fun, and they get a kick out of playing matchmaker. I guess I can understand that.

My friend changed his stance about the halfie dude and is now aggressively trying to get us to meet up and stuff. In fact he invited me over to his place today. It's frankly very awkward. I'm not going to go. People are saying there's no harm in going over, but I think it's moving too fast and also I saw him nothing more than just a drunken hook-up (which didn't happen). I also don't want to come across as desperate...

Anyway I remember first listening to this song back in high school. I really like his voice.

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