Sunday, March 3, 2013


Why hello there. Haha, I'm just being cheeky here.

I recently watched this video, and it provided pretty good food for thought. I'm just going to be mighty honest in this entry. Maybe he is right and the reason why I'm so averse to anal intercourse is because of deep-seated insecurities. However, I have seen pictures of both vaginas and anuses (I did this a lot when I was still questioning if I was straight or gay) and I find myself terribly un-attracted to both of them. I just do not find either aesthetically appealing at all! Why do people like either?? I have also tried feeling myself up in the shower before, but it doesn't feel good and really does hurt quite a bit. I know people say after a couple times you loosen up and you will never look back, but what if I start bleeding and have irreparable damage or something? I also cannot imagine myself ever giving a man a rim job, I don't know how I'd feel having an anus so close to my face. And even if I do pluck up my courage and insert my penis into an anus, I think it would be traumatizing if I remove the condom and I see poop or whatever on it. Lastly, I know very little about AIDS, but from what I know, anal intercourse is one of the top ways of transmission. I know that as long as one stays monogamous, and has his partner and himself checked regularly, this isn't a problem at all, but it's just one of the things that makes me really cautious about this whole thing.  With all that being said though, I guess it wouldn't hurt (or actually, it would probably hurt a fuckton) to try bottoming at least once. And if I do enjoy it, hopefully I'd be able to be confident enough to admit it to myself that I did, and do it more often.

I've also checked out the r/gaybros section, and it has received considerable flak from some of the LGBT community for idolizing masculinity, demonizing "feminity" (holy shit this is not a word...what!?!? what is the equivalent?), and generally promoting fissures. Maybe it's because people think that guys who use the word "bro" a lot (I used to get really annoyed at some of my frat bro friends who would add bro to anything, i.e. what's up brosef brolin, what you broing up to, I'm bro-chilling at my bro-pad with my bro-grill eating my broger) are trying to "act" straight, when they should be using "girl" and "hun" or "betch" a lot more?

Also, I've started thinking that if some gay guys can be non-effeminate and non-limp-wristed, then maybe some straight guys can actually be effeminate and limp-wristed.

I digress a lot. Anyway, r/gaybros actually seems pretty legit though. If I were in any of those cities that have regular meet-ups, I would definitely go and find myself a gay bro. I would have reservations though if many of these people are actual bears lol...that would be really weird.

Also, it just hit me that I'm a shining example of a metrosexual.


For example, these are some of the pants that I own. I don't like overtly straight things, and I don't like overtly gay things. I just like metro things, i.e. taking care of myself. Which is pretty narcissistic I guess, but who gives a flying fuck.


  1. Contrary to popular belief(gay or straight), being gay≠with loving anal sex and rimming. There are gay people who love it and those who don't. For those who don't, there are other sexual activities they can engage in, like intercrural sex. So you really don't have feel that you absolutely have to like anal sex or rimming but like DaveyWavey said at least give it a try. You also said you were looking at pictures of vaginas and anuses when you were questioning your sexuality which i find is a bad comparison coz women have anuses too; what they don't they don't are cocks. I am attracted to penises but i don't think anuses that much but i feel anal sex or play is more about the pleasure you can give or get than the actual attractiveness of the orifice.

    Regarding cleanliness issues down there, people do anal douches to keep it clean. so yeah, i don't think anyone wants to munch on dingleberries or have their dingleberries munched on unless it is some fetish. Oh and I don't think you have found your G-spot yet;).

    I think you're looking for 'femininity' or 'effeminacy' haha.

    And look at you having a rainbow flag in your closet. lol.


    1. wow i've never heard or done intercrural sex. and ohgodthatssosickdingleberries. and aww shucks i'm shy to talk about my g-spot, lmao

      femininity! hot damn you're good.

      i have the same for my polos hah

    2. oh and yeah, i'm perfectly happy just doing what the dude in the first picture is doing instead of buhtseks haha

    3. Ew, I just realised I sounded like a know-it-all prick in my original comment.

      Anyway, not surprise about the polos given you probably have a wardrobe to die for.

      erm, are you saying that you have no gag reflex?