Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheeky cheeky weekend

Wow, I am incredibly, incredibly sleepy at work since I only had three hours of sleep last night. This weekend was unbelievable. I had never imagined I would have done things like that in the past. I'd just go about things chronologically.

Dinner with Dutchie was interesting, because another mutual friend invited me out for dinner, so we all went together instead, and it was 3 guys and a girl. All night though we steal exchanged cheeky little sneaky glances, how adorable...Anyhow, dinner was meh, but one thing I learned was that none of the guys have ever kissed a girl! Oh my. They didn't even try! It reminded me of the video of What Gay Guys Think of Vaginas, hilarious really. We had a couple beers after being joined by our Turkish friend, it was a pretty chill affair. Initially I was gonna go to a bar with Dutchie to meet a couple other friends, but since that bar was closing, I told him that I was going to bring him to another bar instead. I lied and told him it was just a regular bar. Hahaha. When we got there along with the other gay guy in our group, he was livid. Cheeky meeee. Anyhow, I went in, and met up with two of my straight army buddies, who dressed more flamboyantly than usual ("What??? We're trying to blend in!" - facepalm) [like seriously one dude wore a frickin' snood], and we had a good ass time just drinking the really strong drinks and people-watching. Dutchie was really uncomfortable because he didn't want to drink and end up almost making out with me like the first time we met. I didn't exactly drink that much too since I was driving. I drunk-drove in the end, oops my b. Gave a ride to Dutchie back to his dorm, went up to charge my phone, and started just confiding in him about my life. Things got pretty heavy and I started tearing quite a bit though. He hugged me, and I actually really liked that. He also confided in me that he wasn't sure if he's just with his bf out of convenience now, or whether he actually still loves him. However, he feels that the sensible thing is to return to the Dam earlier, and figure things out with his guy. I asked him, but what if that fails, you would probably not come back again. And he replied a cryptic "You never know." I have no clue what he's thinking. I suspect he has no clue what he's thinking too. When we got really, like really close, he told me that I should leave. What a faithful guy really! I apologized, and left, driving home and falling asleep on the road...yikessss. Thank god I made it home in one piece.

Saturday night I met up with my two childhood buddies and one of their girlfriends for oysters and happy hour drinks. We had a whale of a time getting a bit buzzed and talking smack about everything. Then we left for the same gay bar I went to on Friday night (seriously what awesome straight ally friends I have), and my buddies were visibly uncomfortable by the lack of chicks in the bar ahaha. They told me to walk around by myself and see what happens, which was a mistake really because I didn't end up going back to the table, and they left without me. What happened that night was just fucking insane. I got pretty hammered, but still semi-lucid, and started becoming really friendly talking to everyone in the bar. And then I started getting hit on hardcore. The first guy that came to me was this really old European dude who fucking stuck his hands down my pants on the dance floor. He told me that he had to leave because his boyfriend was outside but they wouldn't mind a threesome. I was so disgusted by this lack of morality, yet strangely turned on by that. I don't really remember the details, but basically that night at least three guys made out with me (it was really not the other way round), none of whose faces I remember. At the end of the night as the bar was closing, a guy dragged me into the bathroom and we started making out again and then he went down on me. Then the management knocked on the door and said the bar was closing, and when we both scuttled out of the bathroom I was laughing my head off at how fucking ridiculous this all was. And then I found myself on my bed safe and sound the next day.

I was messaging the Dutchie when he told me that I apparently drunk dialed him the night before. I asked him what did I say? And he told me that I told him I loved him, and whether I could go over to his place. He laughed and told me sure, but I guess I ended up going home instead. I asked him why'd he pick up my call at 4.30 in the morning, and he said he was worried I got myself into trouble. Awwww adorabalelelelblblblblbeeee

Now Sunday was different. Saturday might really read as a borderline manslut night, but honestly more than anything I was just highly amused by the unfolding of the events. It was all just very funny in my head. I'm probably not going to allow this to happen to me again, since it really does come across as very slutty, but I honestly had a whale of a time during the process itself. I don't think much of it, so I think I'm fine.

But okay maybe I am falling down the slippery slope of manslutdom though. Sunday night I met up with Aussie dude at the SAME gay bar that I've been to three nights in a row. I saw a high school senior that has been there all three nights I was there too, and I saw him smoking a cig and checking out his Grindr. I felt really sad for him, because it was clear that his sexuality has defined him, and now he seeks validation only from having sex with other men. He also has horribly dyed hair and looks ghastly now. Anyway, this was the first time I was meeting Aussie dude since we've been talking on Jackd and Line. He did look like his pictures but his complexion was pretty bad though and his body wasn't as good, while I'm pretty sure I look better than my pictures, but that's cool with me, because he was a real chill gay-bro. Like honestly the first time I've met an actual chill gay-bro who's not putting on an act or anything, but is really just a regular guy into guys. We chatted for a bit at the bar and I was actually insanely comfortable talking to him, really just a bro swapping stories with a bro and shit. I drove since it was my backup plan to not drink too much and bounce early for work if I didn't end up liking to hang with him. We got into my car and I drove us down to the club I was gonna bring him to for gay night. My initial plan was to wing him a few guys, since I made it clear to him that I wasn't having anal with him. In the car we look at each other a bit here and there and when he grazes my inner arm to grab the audio jack I got so turned on I had an immediate boner it was strange. I haven't felt this kind of sexual tension for a really long time. 

When I got to the club, I felt REALLY weird, because there were a few people who recognized me and kept coming up to say hi. For some reason over the last two weekends that I've gone to gay clubs I've made a number of friends. I don't remember their names though I feel really bad... Aussie dude commented to me saying that I'm a "scene queen" and I didn't really like that. When I asked one of the guys who came up to say hi how's Sunday night at the club we were at since it was only my second time there, he snapped at me in a total diva manner "OMG stop playing with me ok you can drop the act." I was like, the fuck are you talking about? "I've really only been here twice, so I don't know how gay night here is." I think for some reason he was thinking that I was one of those "in denial" gayboys, and was so incredibly bitchy about it. Good god gays are so bitchy some times argh! 

I also met the bartender that I totally hit on two weekends ago, and now without the beer goggles I realized how incredibly feminine his voice was! Wow. Interesting really, I had no clue. So Aussie dude and I dance for a bit, and it was so awkward for me because I've never really like danced with a guy like how I've danced with girls, and I kept getting boners and he kept cheekily staring at my crotch. A couple guys came and tried to hit on either one of us and it was pretty funny because he attracted all the Asians and I attracted all the white guys... Yeah I'm really unapologetic about all of this I know. Since it was Sunday night the club was actually pretty empty, and so when Aussie guy's nose grazed mine and then he locked lips with me, it was actually really hot because people around were obviously staring. I smiled after that and continued just dancing (by myself beside him) to a couple of SHM songs and other good shit the DJ was churning out. We would also scope out the hot guys in the club and point them out to each other, it was super chill really!!! I stayed with him because I really liked him but at 3 am I told him I needed to leave because I had work. When we left the club, there was this woman who was completely unabashedly checking me out. Seriously loads of people have yellow fever it's interesting. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. I'm not sure why but I'm incredibly flirty and cheeky with anybody that I meet, like even girls. I guess I like making people smile and feel good about themselves, and I really do just like good looking people in general. Like dinner with Dutchie the waitress was really cute, and so I just got whatever she recommended for me, and she was so cute about it. Anyway, so the pretty lady checks me out with a really horny expression actually it was funny, and so while walking past her I smiled and did a "Hey there" to her, and she laughs and replies the same. For some reason she starts walking after us, and I start thinking that maybe she wants a threesome, being drunk and horny for some D at gay night. Aussie guy stops me after a while and says "Hey we got to get this woman off us, let's make out right now" and so we end up kissing outside the club by the shopping mall in public and people were watching again. When we finished the woman was gone, and people were still staring at us. I laughed. That was actually really fucking hot. He tells me he'd take a cab, but he'll walk me to my car, so in the glass elevator down to the parking lot he leans in and kisses me again. And then we kiss again in the parking lot and this was really, incredibly, incredibly fucking hot. He grabs my hair at the back and pulls me in and really just goes at it. He's a great kisser, tongue and all. I had mints too so that was useful haha. I was a lil nervous since this was in public again, but I was so turned on I had a complete woodie. He does too. We each put our hands down the other dude's pants and jerks the other guy off for a while, and he necks me a bit. Then a car drives past us so we stop, and he wants to leave, but I'm already horny as fuck I tell him to come into my car with me. He grumbles and says that car sex is really awkward, but obliges. In my car he's on top of me and we start making out again like crazy fucking rabbits. He tongues my ear and I just go fucking wild! This dude is clearly experienced (He's 30). He kisses me on my neck again, and then proceeds to lick, bite, and play with my nipple for a really long time. He was so good at it. I was closing my eyes totally soaking in the moment. Then he unbuttons my pants and sucks me off, and I start moaning and it was really weird because I now know that I'm a moaner. After a while of him just going at it he stops because we have been going at it for close to half an hour and we were fucking sweaty as hell. He kisses me more again, and we get out the car, he grabs my dick again through my pants, brings me in with his muscular arm and kisses me again. He thanks me for showing him around, and he'd contact me again. I drive home and my mind is just going crazy really, thinking about how incredibly hot my night went. 

So there, I guess this is my first real foray into the gay club scene. I totally lucked out meeting a really chill gay-bro on Jackd; I doubt I'd really meet any one else like that here. He's leaving on Wednesday, although he did say he was thinking of extending his stay. It was an incredibly cheeky cheeky weekend, bahahaha but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Sunday night, because it wasn't a meaningless hookup, but neither was it a "have mah babiezxz" thang which is just supes chill. Dutchie asked me about how my nights went (obviously curious), and I told him the raw outline of things without going into the nasty details obviously, and he told me he was disgusted! I think he's jealous though, heh. I make plans to have dinner with him some time this week, and he agrees telling me "Yes, that would be nice :)" 

Right now I feel like death, I don't know how I manage to party hardy three nights in a row and shit, but YOGO I guess! You're only gay once, right? 


  1. Dutchie: Awww what a sweet guy. Doubt you wanna make him a cheater but then again you do. haha

    Saturday: Wow, that's hella crazy by my prudish standards. Clearly making up for lost gay time.

    Sunday: Lol, scene queen, how apt given the events of the weekend. And look at you, what a white guy magnet!

    Aussie: Looks like he has taken your "no anal" as a challenge. Me thinks he'll pop your cherry before he leaves.


    1. I'm meeting up with the Aussie again some time. And no, I don't think he will. I just felt myself up in the shower again and my insides hurt so much now I feel really queasy and uncomfortable :-$

    2. It's ok, experienced Aussie will help you find your g-spot. Just kidding.