Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ok. So. Negative shit happened in my life, and I crashed and burned again. But now I'm listening to Teenage Dirtbag and In Too Deep (I love 90's throwbacks) and I feel a lot better. Oddly, the things that made me smile today are all about men, again. Ohnonotagain, I know.

1) Aussie dude:
Okay this guy is seriously insane. I told him no anal, no rimming etc., because I've never done any of that, and he tells me "omg!!! that is so hot! ok i really got go shower... n now i think il have to wank too.... think of soaping u up n cleaning ur body then later ur hot ass squating ova my face." - the flying fuck? Does he know how to spell? Also, he's only here for 4 days in my country, so he's clearly looking to hook up. I told him I'd get a beer with him but I will not promise anything else...he did say he wanted me to call in sick and bring him around blahblah...I don't know this is all pretty sketchy, but he actually sounds like a nice guy, albeit a bit thick in the head. 

2) Dutch dude:
Oh boy. So we were talking on Facebook, and I said something like "aw you're such a nice guy, and I mean that platonically btw haha so don't freak" 

DD: "To be honest you confuse me a bit"
Me: "In what way? All I know is I really want to get to know you better"
DD: "I'm just
 Yeah no it's fine, really"
Me: "Ok can we be honest here?"
DD: "Erm I guess"
Me: "So yes, are you in a stable relationship with your boyfriend now?"
DD: "Now I'm not even hungry anymore
Lets not do this now
I'm just confused
Me: "Ok I'm sorry. You should eat! We don't have to talk about this"
DD: "I just need time
As always :(

So...I don't know where this will lead. If something does happen between them, I'd feel pretty bad though. It's pretty cute because he and I use the word stupiak to address each other, making fun of Singlish...lol, we only met once what is going on dude??? Le sigh. 

3) Half Korean/Half Swiss dude: 
I just received this Facebook message from him - 
"Hey _____! 

Sorry I'm writing you so late. I thought I already wrote you back but I guess I didn't :)

And of course I remember you. It was a very fun night. Too bad you had to leave Shanghai so early."

4) High school mate:
On Jack'd: "hey man. how're you doing? i was in (city in midwest) previously as well! was there for about 3 and a half years for college."
Me: "haha hi ____"
HSM: "haha waitttt. do we know each other?"
Me: "we fucked dude! like multiple times."
HSM: "whaaat??"

I was kidding of course. He's some rugby player, but I knew he was gay like a long time ago. He didn't know I was though. And no, no attraction here btw. But I'm talking to him now about my coming out story, and trying to shed light for him, helping gay men one at a time! Go me lol.

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  1. 1. on e bright side, at least his got da hotz 4 u, lol.

    2. Confused dutch guy is confusing.

    3 and 4. Yay, you!

    Ok, to help you feel better, here's a Bradley Cooper interview(don't know if you've seen it) that made me jizz my pants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii7LZAxR1I4&