Saturday, March 9, 2013

My big fat gay weekend

As you probably already know, I've been a horndog lately. So I decided to hit the boys' town district Friday night after having dinner with three of my female friends from high school. It was good catching up with them, sharing with them my whole coming out experience, showing them hot dudes on Jack'd (they all told me they wanna download it now), etc. I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go to a gay club with three girls that aren't even fag hags, but they were really excited to see me hook up with a guy. Well, that didn't happen at all, because literally everyone was below average (Sorry if this is super shallow I'm just telling it as it is), and I actually got super wasted I started doing stupid shit that I always do haha. Apparently my friend found me talking to this European guy and this Filipino guy at the eating place we were after and I was unbuttoning my shirt for them because they told me to take my shirt off! I also started slapping my friends, but thankfully they're still friends with me! Ohhh boy.

It was also weird because I met this guy who was really friendly back in high school (he went to a different one though) and kind of...flirted with me quite a bit too in the past, but after seeing him yesterday at a gay bar (I ended up going to three gay bars and a gay club) and after clearing up that I'm gay now (He asked me: "It's kinda weird to see straight people here..." Me: "Dude I'm not straight." Him: "Ohhhh."), he wasn't that friendly to me anymore! Maybe it was because I was trying to hit on his friend (who turned me down womp) or something, I don't know but I've lately been getting vibes from gay friends that I've told that they're not being as nice to me now that they know that I'm gay...It sucks a lil bit cos I really do feel alienated from the gay community. But actually the community here isn't that worth the effort anyway lmao.

I went out to a rooftop bar today alone, and did my best to mingle and socialize with people that were there (My friend organized like a mingling sesh or something). More than half the people were exchange students so that was kinda cool. Also some girl asked me for my number...whatever I gave it to her she invited me to a networking sesh wtf. I was talking to this Polish dude who was kinda flamboyant so I knew he was gay so I started chatting him up. A couple other guys joined us after, and one of the guys said they were going to a gay club later. I asked him if I could join, and so off we went! Hence my big fat gay weekend, gay clubs two nights in a row?!

It was REALLY awkward when I got in because this time I was so much more sober than yesterday, and I met three separate people that came up to me and called my name out and I was like, who the fuck are you?!? Apparently I was pretty friendly last night and met a couple people but I completely had no memory...they were pretty insulted I felt bad. They also got pretty handsy with me which was weird because I didn't know them...but whatever one of the guys gave me a free beer.

It was also pretty funny because one of the guys in my group asked me if I scouted any cute girls and he could help me wing her, and I told him that I'm not actually interested in girls, and he was really apologetic after that. And then I thought that this cute Turkish dude in the group was gay, so I asked him if he had a boyfriend, but then he told me "I'm straight so I don't have a boyfriend" and I said "Shit my bad" and seriously this whole guessing game shit is way crazy lol, but at least now I just straight up ask people to know once and for all if I'm barking up the wrong tree and shit.

Once again, the crowd was really miserable and I'm probably not going to a gay club in my country for a while now (or maybe ever). The girls that I went with on Friday night were really nice and told me that I should just move to Europe or Australia because I'm probably not going to find anyone here. We have a Whatsapp group now and I have been flooding them with pictures of hot dudes from my college lol and they're like "keep it comin'!!!" In the group that I was with just now, the girls and the straight guys were really friendly to me, but the effeminate gay guys were completely bitchy and did not talk to me at seriously yo drop your attitudes. I just took a cab back with the only nice gay dude in the group just now (seriously wtf why did he bring so many straight guys with him lol) and he told me he came out when he was 18, and man, I feel really far behind everyone but it's fine. Everyone starts from somewhere. It kinda sucks that I didn't get to slam any man-pussay this weekend bahaha (the girls I was with were so offended yet amused when I said that), but whatever at least I know now that this isn't my scene. At least I put myself out there and I've gotten the whole curiosity thing out of my system now so that's good.

Peace and night y'all


  1. Are there that many gay bars here? Not that I'm gonna go to any soon coz I know it's not my scene (I don't drink).

    You've gotta ask one of those bitchy gays what's the deal coz I wanna know haha.

    Re Euro/Ozzie issue: Do you see yourself living and settling down here forever?


    1. it's pretty much just one street really...there are not many though.

      haha i doubt i'd be talking to them any time soon, they didn't even introduce themselves to me!

      i really can't see myself settling down here. for a bunch of reasons really.

    2. oh well that's just kinda rude.

      Me too, I really want to retire from the singaporean rat race.