Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Toast to the douchebags

I haven't done anything at work yet. It's strange, sitting there and trying not to be awkward about having nothing to do sitting beside the vice president of the team. I feel a little underutilized, but hopefully it'll change soon. My team is really small, they're a nice bunch, I haven't really warmed up to them yet though. It's also a lil awkward since I came in three months earlier than the other fresh grads, so essentially I'm pretty much the youngest kid around. I scoped out my floor, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any eye candy too. Oh well. Distraction-free I guess? 

I made a YouTube channel for shits and giggles. It was easier to upload there than on blogger.

There is however, free Milo in my pantry, and I live for that shit. I have been drinking a glass of Milo almost every single meal for close to 3 months now. I'm strangely addicted to it.

I'm also not used to the fact that in my country there's a dress down code for work, and very few people wear suits and ties. I used to feel really swagged out (and douchey) when I wore a suit and tie wherever I went as a summer analyst at a bank. Now I feel kinda wussy. I know I know, I'm no longer working at a bank, I should adjust my expectations.

Also, completely randomly, but Japanese people measure land area by tsubo, which is the area of two standard sized tatami mats. How fucking cool (and backwards) is that???


  1. apparently that happens in like every workplace when you begin, a lot of friends have told me that they don't really do much at the start haha

    dude Milo is the best! I used to drink it ALL THE TIME when I was a kid but the supermarkets suddenly stopped seling it :(

    i fucking love the channel post in it like everyday, please? haha

    ..the Japanese are AWESOME

    1. Jay, you should google 'Milo Dinosaur'; it is a drink we have here. Maybe I should set up a business importing Milo to your country.

      WTF guys, I love love love love love Milo too!! I have been drinking at least a few packets every day for as long as i can remember. Love any chocolate drink to be honest.

      Kenn-do, bet you've ever imagine yourself as neal caffrey strutting down some sidewalk when you're in a suit. haha. oh and what industry is your company in?


    2. i always imagine myself as neal caffrey lol, or at least i do whenever i attempt to feel sexy.

      haha i can't believe we're all bonding over milo

      commercial real estate