Sunday, April 21, 2013

A suburban war

It's kinda sad again that everyone's linking the bombs to Islam again... but honestly what a tragic event really. I teared when I saw the video.

I'm back from Tokyo. It was a great business trip. Everyone else on the trip was higher management peeps, only this lil nooblet right hurr'. I saw a lot of buildings, including the largest single-tenanted built-to-suit warehouse in Asia, developed by my company for Amazon Japan! Pretty darn cool. Loads of offices too, a factory outlet mall, and a couple shopping malls too. Semi-good food, nothing very kaiseki-like though (my palate has been horribly pampered by my parents) Japanese people are incredibly nice and helpful and polite.

I got pretty drunk one night because Japanese people drink quite a bit, and they made me drink a lot of sake since I'm the youngest (by like, a mile). I got back to my hotel, and felt so lovesick, I called Douchie (Aussie told me to rename him to Douchie). He gave me some shit about how he has never felt this way before about someone, but he realizes he still likes his bf. I was like, fuck you dude you played me. I'm so dumb...he just liked the attention he was receiving. And yet I still really miss him. Every time I saw really gay-ass pants in Tokyo, especially all the paisley and floral shit, I thought of him and my heart ached. Gah. I even had a dream about him, that he got together with my Argentinian friend from college, and told me that he dumped his bf, but would never get wit me. I woke up feeling like shit :o( :o( This is all so crazy because I realize the first day that I met him was barely over a month ago  on March 15, and I stopped talking to him on April 16... I gotta protect myself in the future because I tend to just bare my heart.

I stayed on for the weekend to meet up with my really good Japanese friend from college who I went to Miami for spring break with. Dude...he changed so much. He's uber-Asian now, and can't really speak English that well anymore. Hahaha...his girlfriend's pretty cute and REALLY nice to me, so I'm happy for him. She asked me about my love life and told me that she can give me advice about girls, and I told her sheepishly, "haha...I don't think I need advice about girls cos I'm not seeing anyone now." And she said "Maybe for the future!" And I told her "Eh...I mean more like, I don't think I'll ever need advice on girls though..." And she said "AHHhhhhh...Omg! I'm so sorry!" And after that it was never mentioned again. I think she felt really awkward lol, and kind of just ignored the fact that I just told her I'm gay. It's kinda funny because after that she still made jokes about me going to massage parlors to get "happy endings" and I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about me getting jerked off by a dude. I guess it's the Asian way to just ignore all the problems away...haha.

Two of her friends are Japanese guys who are married to white chicks. Insane! I thought the cultural barrier would be impossible. I find it difficult to really communicate with Japanese people, since they don't speak English and they're very very traditional in culture. But still, meeting his friends was really nice, they're all super chill and funny, and I had a good time.

My flight was Sunday 6.30 am, so on Saturday night I decided to head out to the gay district since it was my only free night. My buddy didn't want to come with me, nor meet up with this Japanese guy who was very insistent to meet up from Jackd...I'm not sure if he's cool with this whole homosexuality thing actually, since he doesn't talk to me about it ever. I'm kinda sad about that tbh, because he used to be such a bro to me, not like he isn't now, but I feel like he just ignores it. Like he still makes gay jokes around me, and I still laugh but it's just weird though...

Anyway, so I went alone. For some reason, I met a lot of people that night. People kept introducing me to other groups, and so on. Again, it was mostly white guys, since it was pointless to talk to the Japanese. I tried talking to this really attractive Japanese guy but he was so awkward because he didn't speak also blew my mind how many white guys speak Japanese so fluently. I was talking to a couple of guys by the bar, and seriously out of nowhere this guy who was friends with the peeps I was talking to starts unbuttoning my shirt, and the next thing I know I have four or five guys touching me all over. And this was right beside the bar counter, so everyone could see... Honestly though I didn't think too much about it, it was kinda funny. Some guy then starts making out with me, and the others still continue to touch me. Gay bars are pretty insane! He was a really good kisser though! Probably 35, Australian, tall, not fat, haha...I didn't really touch him back though. After that, this Pinoy guy whose boyfriend I was talking to just now, starts kissing me on the cheek and telling me that I'm gorgeous, and he starts grabbing my dick and I'm like...dude you have a boyfriend. And he tells me he's in an open relationship, and I tell him I don't believe in that. And he makes out with me! And I push him away and he tells me "Come on! Loosen up a bit" and then he forcefully pushes me into the bathroom stall with him and he starts sucking me off. And I just go with the flow for a bit. He tells me I have a perfect ass and starts to rim me. And I stand there and give him like a minute and then I started feeling slutty (I also feel absolutely nothing when people rim me) I tell him I want to GTFO. I didn't touch him at all, nor kiss him back.

So okay that was a really un-hot recounting of my night. After that I went home, showered, and got a cab to the airport. But anyway, the truth is, I enjoyed it. I talked to my friend about this later on, and I asked her if I should be concerned since it seems I really really like attention from guys, but she reassured me that society has made us all think this way anyway. I don't know though. At least it's not too out of hand, but it might get problematic if that's all I ever want. Which some times feels that way... I get really turned on when people are turned on by me. How narcissistic is that?! I didn't even really mind that some of the dudes were fucking femme and called me "sister." I think I've managed to separate it though, the feral part of hooking up with the romantic part of hooking up. I figure I'm just gonna have fun until I finally find a guy worth settlin down with. Till then I'm just gonna have a lil fun.

Anyway, I think I have an addiction problem with men!! I have no fucking clue why, but I am really following so many hot guys on Instagram and it's really my daily mission to find more!! Why so strange?? Beats me. Bleh bleh bleh bloo blah blah. Also, really strange that many people who search fat gay guys on Google end up on my blog?? What the poop bros?!?! Why would you want to search for fat gay guys?? A lot also search for Diego Boneta, who is really gorg as fuck btdubs!! These are a couple pics from his Facebook.

Man will ya just look at him!!! It is utter poop I say, utter poop!!!, that all the hottest guys are straight. This dude would be the perfect boyfriend!

Wanted to hit the gym but I'm tired as hell. Haven't gone in a long time, getting flabby and shit now!! Gotta keep working on my mantra: "become the person you wanna fuck" !! It's a fucking ace mantra and everyone should abide by it!!! Also, need to stop using so many exclamation marks!!!

Peace yo. Here's a sexy-ass video that is part of my "foreplay" playlist lmao. Yehyeh I know that's a chick not a dude, but she's mighty fine still! I think she's some VS model?? I have no clue. 

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  1. I thought you deleted douchie's number?

    Omg, missed threesome opportunity with pinoy guy and bf!!! haha.

    Great mantra.

    Sick cover and that's VS model Alessandra Ambrosio.