Monday, April 22, 2013


Okay hold up, I listened to 1D's Kiss You 60 times today. Holy mother cow!!! It's just so addictive though! And I like doing silly faces when I sing along to the song. Aussie said I have really cartoonish expressions, which is true.

So work was boring as usual...I don't get when this shit will start getting interesting?? Le sigh. After work I decided to sign up for the gym at my workplace (also interestingly, people in my country get offended when I refer to my office as workplace, and my colleagues as coworkers. They think it's blue-collar speak. Lol.) since traffic during rush hour sucks bull testicles every time I have to drive down to my dad's country club gym, so this would work out better. When I got in, I immediately saw a hot dude in a red tank, and I was like yeayuh I'm already pumped lmao. Some Pinoy lady starts getting me signed up and all that stuff, and she asks me if I'm mixed Filipino-Chinese because of my accent yikes, I need to start speaking my local accent more... She also somehow convinced me with her hard-sell tactics to sign up for three PT seshs...I was like okay fine, but when she showed me the gym guy assigned to me, I was kinda disappointed...wahahha. But I'm gonna ask him to help me on whether I should get protein shakes, and diet, and exercises etc. I've actually put on 6 kg (13 lbs) since last June, I'm not sure how much is muscle and how much is fat or water weight, but I honestly look a lot less scrawny than before and I'm pretty pleased, but I really still wanna get more swoll. I'm already 65 kg, but I wanna get up to at least 68 kg, which would make me 10 kg heavier than the heaviest I've ever been in my life pre-June 2012!

Anyway this gym is pretty cool because they provide you with gym attire, when I wore it though the shirt material kinda sucks and it was kinda itchy so maybe I'm not gonna use it the next time but it's convenient though.

Got changed, and when I got out, the gym was really packed. Half the guys are so obviously gay because they're femme, and the other half are all pretty hot haha. There was a dude who looked like the Asian guy from Glee, an Indian guy who was incredibly handsome and had a great body, and a white guy who kept squeezing his chest to see if it's growing bigger (it was already big enough). Damn son!!! I feel like I'm gonna go to the gym a lot more now lolol. In the locker room I checked out a few of the guys that I noticed working out just now, and sadly very few of them look that good. I realize for most people while they look bulky, when they take their shirts off they're still kinda flabby. I think I rather my size where I'm not flabby but not bulky too.

I saw two of my coworkers, and one dude gave me a really hard bro-punch on my chest, this guy is really annoying as to how broey he acts with me seriously! I'm not his bro! All East Coast preppy frat and shit. When I went over to my locker, I realized this guy was staring at me the entire time. When he took his shirt off, I was semi-checking him out because he had a really good body. And when he took his pants off, I looked away cos I didn't want him to see me checking him out or anything haha. The thing is...he's really old. Like 45 or something. I got changed, and decided to hit the steam room first.

Waddya know, he was in there. A couple other guys came in after that, and he kept looking over at me. I looked back a couple times, but my stare never lingered much. He really had a great body though, especially for someone his age. He was also obviously flexing his biceps for me...I smirked a lil. When I left, I saw the previous Indian dude shirtless and holy poop his bod is buhbuhbangin'!! He looks at me a while because he totally knows I'm checking him out. I'm not sure if he's looking at me because he's creeped out or because he's interested but whatever this guy is pretty ace. As I leave the gym, the old guy smiles at me and says hi, and I smile back and say hi and quickly enter the elevator. He turns around and looks at me again...

So yes, I shall admit it. I've been a whore lately. Except unlike Emma, I haven't really been jerking shit, it's the other way round. I can't help it though it's like, I'm an erupting volcano of horniness. Man these hormones are off the charts and bouncin off the walls and shit. But AGE is a terrible no-go for me...I'm not gonna hook up with someone who's underage, or someone who's almost old enough to be my dad.

Also, I've been thinking about it again, because Aussie keeps telling me I'm clearly a bottom since okay, I shall admit it, those perverts in the Japanese gay bar totally fingered me while in the bar!!! But I honestly am not turned on at all by any of these ass actions!! I just don't mind it, and I let it slide (uhm) cos they want it so bad...and it's like whatever to me. It really scares me to think that I'm a bottom! Idk why, I'm being immature really.

I feel like I used to be a lot more puritanical, but it seems like now that I've found my way to the gay clubbing scene my morals have loosened up a bit (and so have other things...womp). Anal is still however, definitely a no-go for me as of now, and I will also not rim someone else because I think it's disgusting.

In other news, I'm super pumped also, because I'm gonna try to take 1.5 months of no-paid leave off from work because look at all the fucks that I give to the corporate world!!!! Yeah. Zero. Other than my initial plans of Hong Kong, San Fran, Chicago, New York, Paris, London, I'm also thinking of joining my friend from my finance class back in college for Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Cologne, and Amsterdam. He's backpacking alone, and I asked if I could join and he said sure. He's the dude that I found from Jackd and we're probably gonna have a big ole gay Eurotrip hitting up gay bars and clubs and shit. He told me Cologne's the gay capital of Germany too, so that's pretty cool. He's a really chill guy too, so it should be fun. He did tell me though that he hates weed...which sucks. Was thinking I could have a stoner buddy wit me. Oh wells.

I need to get 1D's song outta my head...and also, I need to hit the sack.


Boom. That is all. Peace.

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