Monday, April 15, 2013

I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo?

Dutchie is on a break with his bf. We made out today in his dorm after having some handmade noodles in Chinatown with his Canadian best friend. He told me he felt it was going too fast, since he "just broke up" with his bf. Okay. That's kinda true. But you have 4 weeks left in my country, I need to speed things up a bit dude. I know, I'm a home-wrecking slut. I actually do feel bad though, but not too bad since I don't know the guy at all and he's far away and honestly LDRs rarely ever work out?? Yeah I'm making excuses for myself...Anyway, I jerked him off a bit through his pants heh, he was reallll stiff oh yeah I'm good now, with the whole necking and ear thing since my very awesome Aussie goach taught me so well, Dutchie was moaning and grabbing my butt and shit!!! Hahahaha. He is also MUCH better at making out this time, I actually enjoyed it a lot and really got into the mood.

Still though, we ended it because his bf called him, and wanted to talk again. He once again gave me the whole "I don't want to give you false hope" bullshit so fuck it!!!! I gotta remain strong this time and not see him for at least a week. Ain't nobody got time for dat!!! Which isn't gonna be too tough since ...I'm flying to Tokyo tomorrow for a business trip till Friday!!! I'm extending it till Sunday so I can get to hang with my really good buddy from college working there now! He speaks Japanese too so that's perf. I'm pumped. Career milestone baby. First business trip with the new (shitty) job! 180 USD meal allowance every day! Although in Japan that is probably just three bowls of ramen...Gonna check out Jackd there and maybe have some fun?? To get over Dutchie quickly?? Idk dudes. On one hand I really am smitten with him every time I see him, but after I leave I always feel like a mistress bitch and I hate feeling that way. Also, this really cute older dude totally checked me out and did two double-takes when we were walking to dinner just now, I cheekily grinned at him. I've a ridiculously impish smile it's always like I'm up to no good ehehe, it's kinda weird but whatever!!!

OK I'm sounding less and less like myself online these days!! I use a lot of exclamation marks for no good reason!! I have rashes again all over my fucking chest, FUCKEN HELL dude this shit needs to stop. I've been talking to this cute Indian dude on Jackd too, and it's been going well, maybe I'll just meet up with him instead to forget about Dutchman really, also seriously he has such gay fashion sense he wore these really billowy Japanese Issey Miyake pants out today, but who am I to judge when I have a Dries Van Noten passport sleeve and a Ferragamo wallet and a Bottega Veneta belt it's like gay gay gay

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