Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Roped up, tied up, dead in a year

So there have been some stuff that's going on at work, but I'm way too lazy to talk about it. Basically, my boss is a cunt-ass bitch, and I'm becoming a lot more misogynistic's strange, since gay guys are supposed to be BFFs with women, but I find women terribly bitchy, calculative, and ten times worse when they're your boss. I find that most dudes tolerate them because they want vag, but fuck that bro! I don't even want that so I really have very little tolerance to deal with their shit.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to all women. I'm just talking about the menopausal bitches out there yo. But seriously. BE LESS COMPLICATED. That's also the thing that I've realized about gay people... Gay people love drama. I kinda like it too I guess. I had a long closure talk with Douchie today. Dude. I'm over him. He told me today, that his bf was the one who initiated the break, and that he realized he still loves his bf, and so he cried. And his whole "I can do whatever I want now" was total bullshit, since he already knew that night that he was gonna get back with his bf. Fuck you! You totally played me! He told me that the more he hung out with me, the more he realized there were qualities he didn't find attractive. Fuck you again! You idealistic piece of shit! Who gets together with a dude because he's TOTALLY perfect?? No. You like a person, and so you embrace his flaws, and with a healthy relationship, the both of you develop and grow to become better people. It's all about the synergy, the mutual progress. It's all about a learning process seriously! You don't date someone because you love everything about the person! What a dumbass.

I told him that he's a piece of shit seriously, and that I didn't deserve any of that wishy-washy bullshit. And that everyone warned me against him, and yet I chose to believe in him instead. I also told him that seriously, this is his loss, I would have given the world to him, and I would have tried my frickin hardest to make it work between the both of us. But now I'm finally over him, and there are plenty other fishes in the sea. Oh wait, being gay makes that kinda hard I guess. I guess there are plenty other...needles in this fucking haystack yah?

Anyway, it all good now. This is a lesson learned. Never gonna be so honest with my feelings again. He probably never meant to hurt me, but still, he was selfish and he did end up hurting me. He told me like a million times today, "I love my bf" well whatevs bitchtits.

Yo, okay. Sorry for being so ranty. Just had to get that shite off my chest. Went to the gym after work today, zero eye candy, so I didn't even bother taking a shower and just bounced home. Haha. Also, my complexion is amazing now. I saw a dermatologist because I had cystic acne that I wanted cortisol injections for (it's not Botox, I swear), and she gave me a topical ointment of isotretinoin (I'm really good with these names I should have been a doctor!!! Like I know that the longest word in the medical dictionary is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. So yeah, it's just a bunch of words strung together cos some bitch doc probably got lazy to leave spaces between his words when he was writing - you know how they have really bad handwriting) and other than being pretty itchy, I have this slight sun-burn glow on my face, and it's really smooth now, which is pretty cool. I mean, I have pretty good complexion to begin with though, but this is really really baby smooth now.

My mom told me today not to work out too much, because she doesn't want to see me too beefy. Lmaooo. I love my mom. I told her she doesn't have to worry, since I dress pretty hipster/preppy, and those kinda clothes won't fit if I'm the Situation. And she was like, yah but I've noticed many gay men are always overly muscular it intimidates me! Hahaha it cracked me up. In the end to assure her I showed her pictures of shirtless guys whose bodies I kinda see as a benchmark. How strange mother-son bonding time...


That's Colton Haynes btw, who's really hot, and is my age and thus makes me feel like I should do more werk lol. When I did a Google search on him and clicked on this, my mom was like, "Ooh okay he has a good body. Okay get that body, but don't do that face it's creepy" Hahahaha!


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    1. she for sure is!!! i love her so much!! when i told her it's funny how i'm showing her shirtless guys, she's like "what's wrong??? do u think i haven't seen this? i have seen it all..." i lol-ed hard