Monday, April 29, 2013

Wazzz cooken' fellas???

Not much of an update, it's 1.30 am and I gotta crash for work tomorrow, speaking of which, it still sucks major DONKEY cock my boss is being unreasonable but I have to try my best to keep my cool and let it all slide...

Just wanted to post up a couple of songs, I've been in a pretty introspective mood recently, and I think I'm going to change my ways for a bit. i.e. stop getting drunk and blacking out when making out with geriatric folk. I'll post more tomorrow, also Wednesday is a holiday, I'm gonna go out to the swankiest club in town tomorrow and...wait, didn't I just say I'll stop getting drunk?? Hahaha. Well this is a straight club so yeah whatevs I'm not gonna make out with a chick (I don't think so...) But yeah, I basically just want to check the place out, you can read more about it here, it's an incredibly pretentious and douchey club, but figure I should still just see how it's like (never been)

The last one is my favorite song on the planet.

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