Thursday, May 30, 2013

2 a.m. summer night

It's all a little fucked up cos I had that "interlude" forwardflash shit, but basically,


I texted Dutchie to apologize and he told me not to worry about it he knew I was drunk and was glad that I’m safe. I started having a semi-serious talk with him, and basically wormed it out from him that he’s most worried about the distance if he starts a relationship with me. I told him I’m going up to Europe for three weeks in July and I haven’t planned it at all because he mighttt break up with his dude and we can go traveling?? I don’t know, now that I write it out I seem really really fucking stupid. He also can come back in August to visit before school starts, and then in January he can get an internship back here too. I also told him that my dad could set him up for a job in HK, and I have my own apartment there too, and we can live there yknow??? And blahblah and I think it reassured him that I’ve been thinking about this. It’s insane the lengths I would go for him, really. 

After that I got to packing up my shit. That was when the 20-year-old German guy messaged me. On his Jackd account, he put his race as “mixed” and put up pictures that didn’t really show his face, and when I finally asked for a face pic, it was so obvious he wasn’t mixed. He was really determined to meet up even though I told him I was flying off so soon, and he said “nvm quick one ;)” The only reason why I decided to do this was because I thought it was going to be a wicked story to be told. I didn’t find him attractive tbh, he was just a regular kid. When I saw him, I was even more bummed because he sounded so confident online but offline he was this immensely awkward tall kid who didn't even want to look in my eyes that much. This was actually a really bad hookup tbh, but whatever I'm not really affected by it. 

When we got up to my apartment, he wowed at the view for a bit (this is a picture of the view from my bedroom window:

This is a view at night:


and then he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him he doesn't look mixed at all, and he's like oh I lied about that because Asians prefer Asians and wouldn't want to be with a white guy, didn't you face the same thing in America where people would not view your profile because you're Asian? Well, douchebag, that may really be the case, but you're basically a fucking cunt. We got into my room, and he told me straight up he doesn't kiss people that he just met, and I'm like, uh yeah sure, and he doesn't suck people off too, because he's afraid of "diseases," but then asks me if I top or bottom, because we could have a quick fuck. I'm like, wow how is that being on the safe side of things, and he's like, "oh everything's safe with a condom." Right...Anyway, so I proceed to just jerk him off a bit and his dick is just massive, so were his balls. I was wanking him with two hands and I was pretty awed by it. However, he lay there like a limp fish covering his eyes, and using his other hand to feel my abs and my chest. He commented about my abs and my body, and squeezed my butt a couple of times, but that's all he really did. I sucked him off for like five seconds, but then there was a pube that got into my mouth and I was so turned off so I only jacked him off after that. As he rubbed my nipples he was like "your nipples are really small" I'm like uh okay, thanks asshole. When I commented about his dick being pretty big, he was like "I think mine is pretty average... (no it's not, it was definitely at least 7.5"), maybe it's because you're used to Asian penis and they're all smaller." I have no clue why I continued jacking him off. I contemplated asking him to leave, but I thought that was even more awkward. When he came he didn't really shoot like spurts, but there were blobs that flew everywhere. When I came, it was embarrassing because it was only a dribble since I jacked off that very morning already, and he commented that "Asians seem to never shoot, only dribble." That isn't true at all, because with Dutchie and Aussie I shot like pornstar far yo. I wanted to tell him "it's because I'm not at all turned on by your dead fish demanor" but for some strange reason I let him off the hook. When I was putting on my clothes, he tells me that he's here for a week because he misses Asian boys, because they're smaller than him (he's 6'2") and usually bottoms for him. I couldn't wait to get him out of my house. 

I really pitied this boy. You see, I agreed to the hookup because I thought it was amusing I was getting a quickie right before I flew off, like damn dude that's a pretty hot story to tell! But this guy, I could see it in his eyes that he was pathetically addicted to sex. But in a completely non-romantic way, in how it's pretty obvious that he's only searching for submissive Asians (more submissive than him??? Dude no one's gonna be doing any fucking since this dude's a fucking limp lettuce) with all the fucking and no foreplay. I felt really sad for him. He was so awkward, and actually pretty effeminate in the way he spoke too. I'm sorry he found the wrong Asian guy, I'm not about to squeal meekly and let him do whatever he wanted with my ass. What a sad kid really. I left for the airport feeling like nothing actually happened (I'm pretty good at just amortizing off shit that isn't worth my time), and bam, I'm back here in the motherland. At least the dude was young, and not fat, and had a big cock. I really could have done much worse haha. I talked to Aussie about this and my park hookup and he was like "that's pretty hot n slutty but wished you could have found cooler people to hook up with like me" Haha, dude cracks me up. He said we should do a HK trip together and we can run amok and have threesomes LOL. I told him I might go down to Sydney some time and he said he'll try to make it and give me loads of white cock. Uhhhhhhh....sure! Why not?? Hahahaha.

Well, all this really depends though on how it goes with Dutchie. The thing with the German guy, I only feel half guilty about because well, I'm not really dating Dutchie at all so I'm allowed to have my hookups, plus we didn't kiss and only jerked each other off, although I know that if Dutchie finds out that I'm not being a celibate lil nun he'll flip shit so I'm not gonna tell him. [turns out he's not a celibate lil nun himself, so much for all the idealistic love bullshit he gave me]

MAN. LONG UPDATE. Good thing I split it up yo! That's it folks!


  1. Your german hookup turned out to be meh, I guess win sometimes, lose sometimes. Do you have an ethnic preference? Just as white guys from the states find anything non-white to be "exotic", I would think the same happens for asians used to so many asians that they want to try something new. Fortunately Hawaii is a melting pot, we got all kinds of guys. Altho I still feel that culturally a long term relationship would work easier with someone from your own tribe cause you know all the customs and clues.

    1. I don't have an ethnic preference, although tbh, I feel like the average white guy is better-looking than the average asian guy, but a hot asian guy is better than a hot white guy (cos the asian dude is rarer). Does that make sense? Haha. Also, many white people are way too hairy??? It's quite a turn-off no offense to anyone. I am very intrigued however by Latinos, and I really wanna meet one!!!

      And yes, loadssss of dudes with yellow fever in my country. Shitty thing is many of the whites here aren't even attractive and yet get loads of ass just cuz the asian chicks here just dig that shit.

      Are you in a long term relationship? Personally, I don't think I can culturally connect with a local asian from my country. Definitely a worldly asian for sure, but not a local one.