Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feelin lit, feelin light


I went off to see a really big art fair in Hong Kong by myself, since neither GRB nor birthday chick (BC) were free. Throughout I kept taking pictures and sending them to Dutchie, and we would comment on them together. Really wished he was with me. I was really happy we started talking again, and everything felt good. The girls at the art fair were all incredibly edgy and well-dressed, attractive, and sounded intellectual. The gay guys were hmm…as usual, pretty campy, but there was this dude who looked like he could have been snapped by the Sartorialist really, and he was drop dead gorgeous. I followed him for about 5 minutes. Basically, all I did was scope out hot guys and follow them. I’m not really that into art, Dutchie is though, which is why I wished he was there with me.

Then I got home and did a gym sesh. I’ve been doing dumbbell flys? Chest flys? Whatever, basically, flys, now, and man my chest has been aching really well! It is pretty self-explanatory if you look at my picture that basically I am chestless, so I’m really trying to build up my pecs. I’m a total pussy weaksauce as I can only bench a mere 80 lbs 4 sets 8 reps each on the Smith Machine, which is already supported so theoretically I would be benching even lower with free weights. Nvm, everyone starts from somewhere. Showered, threw some clothes on (who am I kidding? This gay man right here planned his wardrobe for his fucking trip yo, I wore a light pink tight-as-hell dress shirt with a checkered black vest, I wanted to aim for classy Gatsby-esque but not a suit since it’s really hot to club in a suit, although I used to do that back when I was a douchey banker), and was about to leave but Dutchie FaceTimed me and I ended up being 45 minutes late…hahaha. He’s so adorable though I couldn’t resist it! 

At the dinner, I run over and hug BC and apologize to her. Now this girl is actually one of my best friends from college. It is all a bit strange because back in college I went over to her apartment all the time, and I got to know her roomies really well, and…basically, the guy she was “dating” at that time was sucking me off on the side. I know, it’s horrible, and I’ve mentioned this before on this blog. I apologized to BC about this after coming out to her, but she told me not to worry at all because she knew she wasn’t really “dating” him since he was never physically interested in her, and he actually told her back in soph year that I’m bisexual (well, he’s wrong). Then she went on and dated a guy that was actually into her, but they broke up cos she’s now in Hong Kong and he’s in the states, but honestly…I also felt vibes from the dude that he might be gay too. Poor gal, always falling for the gay guys…In fact I vaguely remember from the night she holding my hand and slightly dirty-dancing with me, and really looking into my eyes and at my lips :S

She introduces me to the whole table, i.e. a gaggle of girls, but strangely they made me feel very comfortable. I think BC told them that I’m gay, because it was mentioned somewhere but it wasn’t a big deal. They were so nice and cut up food and put them on my plate! I think part of the reason is really because they’re all international school kids, which was why I got along with them. We opened two bottles of wine here, gave her a card and a cake, and then left for a hookah bar, where I bought BC and I two flaming Lamborghini cocktails each, and this 17-year-old half-white dude from my country one too. It was wild, I got a really good buzz from it, plus flaming lambos are so showy and douchey I love em. The half-white youngling asked me a lot about the army, as he’s really afraid that he wouldn’t be able to connect with the locals there and end up being ostracized or bullied. I told him not to worry, just go in with an open mind, and you’ll come out of it feeling really accomplished, like I did. The army was the first time I interacted with people outside of my social bubble, and I actually found that I liked these guys a lot because they’re very simple and easy to get along with. Did I hang out with them outside of our barrack days? Nope, we just didn’t do the same things, but that’s chill. I could tell he was visibly reassured, and he told me he’ll hit me up when he gets back to the motherland to serve da nation. 

I also had another GnT here, and then we headed off to this pretentious members-only club. Back during my hedonistic heydays, I lapped shit up like that like crazy. These are a couple of pictures of the bottle service that my friends and I got back when I was a full-fledged douchebag:


Holy SHIT, everyone must have hated us so much!!! Everything was about excess back then, it was one heady heady summer that I think back occasionally with cautious fondness. Now though, I've calmed down a lot more in terms of spending, but I guess not really when it comes to drinking...

Managed to squeeze ourselves on the guestlist due to this well-connected socialite in our party. Here was where things got blurry. I remember feeling invincible; the dark lights, the million pictures that we took, the crutch that I borrowed from this temporarily handicapped chick in our crew, my explanation to this guy who asked me if I was BC’s boyfriend: “No I’m not, I don’t like girls dude!” “Oh, sweet, so you like me!” (Don’t flatter yourself…), the pounding music and the dancing, the endless shots bought by the girls and their boyfriends, starting from midori all the way to tequila, a bottle of Moet, and then I don’t remember anything after that. I have vague flashes of wolfing down a lot of French fries, and my phone reveals a google maps search history from Nearby: Mcdonald’s, but how I lost my friends, I had no clue. I checked my phone after I got it back, and apparently I texted Dutchie furiously on the dancefloor. Man…I get really needy when I’m blacked out. He wasn’t having any of it because he knew I was drunk so he told me to stay safe and somehow I told him that I knew it that he doesn’t like me because he thinks I’m a robot and he looks down on my race…both of which is extremely funny because I have no clue where I was going with the robot thing, and Dutchie is quite the rice queen (for example, he thinks that so many dudes in my motherland are hot but I really don’t find them attractive at all). 

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