Saturday, May 18, 2013

i really just have nothing to say. things with s are always such a rollercoaster. i dont know where we are at now again.

i've been crying a lot. i don't know. it's so hard to move on so fast. i need more time. in the meanwhile i feel neither here nor there, neither within nor without.


  1. We asians get a bad rep for not being emotional. But have you ever watch Korean soap operas? Anyway maybe it's because we are gay, that we are more emo?

    As for S, you have to live for yourself and not get so tied up with another person's drama. No point in obsessing about something you cannot control.

    1. it's not easy to move on though, especially since ive been so emotionally invested in this kid. anyhow, i do think that i'm slowly getting better though.

      also, ikr!!! i feel like a lot of asians get really bad stereotypes...and i hate em all cuz i'm none of them!! except the fashion thing i guess, asians indeed dress better. may or may not be, many of my guy friends are also pretty emo, one of them broke up with his gf recently too, and he's really sad, altho the reason of the breakup was because the girl thought he wasn't "emotionally there"

      also, who is casey?? why u a fan of him/her? haha. and what's your age btw?

    2. Google " Fratman Casey" then you 'll know why I'm such a fan of his. Amazingly he lived here in Hawaii for awhile. I bought one of his first DVDs and looking out the window of his apartment, you could see Diamond Head in the background. For a time I was thinking I could figure out from the angles what building he was in so I'd go knocking on each apartment building looking for him -- but that's too stalkerish. Haha. He models under the stage name "Jonathan Nice".

      Some guy did a YT slide show of him:

      I'm not going to tell you my age to stay mysterious but I will say I'm too old for you. :-)

    3. Dude is incredibly hot omg hahah

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