Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It's really interesting how emotional I get now when I watch videos like these. In the past I never even saw myself as part of the elusive and mystical GLBT community. I cried when I watched the video above. I'm not sure why really. Part of it is because in some ways I can empathize greatly, though for me everything was more of an internalized struggle with my imagination more than anything else.

This is my country's gay pride parade. I think it is so much classier than the kind of gay pride parades that come to my mind with all the campy pizzazz. I cried when watching this too :o( Also, there are three chicks in the video that I recognize from my high school, all very attractive, in fact, one of them I apparently kept hitting on in a club, even though my friend made it very clear to me that she doesn't bat for my team (at that time, my friend didn't know that I didn't bat for hers too, whutwhuttt??? MINDBLOWN YO!! K not really.)

I'm really sad I'll not be able to make it for this. I'll be in the states by then, in NYC most probably. I really want to witness this, to give me hope that my people are going in the right direction, even though the government isn't. Also, I kind of want an excuse to buy a pink shirt?? I have pink chinos, and like salmon red and maroon shirts/polos but why dafuq do I not have a pink tee??

Also, dudes should totally hire me to sing meehehehehehe

[edit: also, they have no clue lol]


  1. Remember to get pink socks, pink underwear to go with your pink outfit.