Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Six foot, seven foot, eight foot BUNCH

First off, WHAT IS UP WITH THE GOOGLE SEARCHES TO MY BLOG?? It's really disgusting, people search the grossest shit and somehow end up on here wtf. I'm at work now idling my ass off as usual so I'm not sure if I can upload a screenshot of the searches but I'll try:

Secondly, I decided once again that I need to remain relatively anonymous online (I don't think anyone can identify me based on what is a completely gratuitous sluttyselfie), because the stories that I write on here could land me in some serious ass-whooping deep shit dawg if the people I talked about ever find this. Many stories are also totally unsavory (although pretty hot I guess? heh) and I gotta upkeep my image of being a fine-ass upstanding citizen of the society, bitch!

So okay...gee. I live for my weekends. Friday evening after hitting the gym, I headed down to my favorite hawker centre (basically an open-air food court) with the exchange students for their farewell kinda thing. Gave a lift to Dutchie and Canberrie (Dude's from Canberra), and Dutchie was being extremely sardonic in the car. When we got to the hawker centre the atmosphere was really weird because I made some silly gay jokes with Dutchie like telling him to lick my arm since he dropped some sauce on it, or I can't remember what else, but this Indian dude at the table was like giving me a judgmental face and saying "I don't know what is going on but okay, you're asking him all these questions...hmm" And I just felt like going "oh fuck off dude, I'm a fag CTFD it's not like I'm going to eat you (not a looker anw)." Like I got kinda annoyed because this dude is weird as fuck and he ACTUALLY meant it without even like half-joking like how everyone's always making gay jokes, but I can sense he is deathly homophobic. Anyway, Dutchie was still kinda curt to me, idk why he is always so curt to me in group settings really, he is hardly ever like that when it's just the both of us.

Said bye to all of them, tbh I know only like 3 of the exchange dudes, didn't talk to any of the girls (not interesting enough), and some of the guys were plain annoying (like this pretty flamboyant French dude who thinks he's super interesting), and then headed back home to shower and go off to my Korean friend's birthday thing. Turns out he got kicked out of his own like, events room or whatever at his condominium because of the noise level, and so they went over to his friend's place and I got the hint that I wasn't exactly invited since it wasnt his place anymore. Headed out again to the most disgusting overrated club in my country, filled with prepubescent bratty local toddlers yabbering on in some kind of mishmash gibberish creole ... basically there is absolutely no class to this establishment. Fucking exchange kids wanted to come here, and I felt obligated to come, and they were pre-gaming somewhere and I went over and just began downing all the shit cuz I didn't want to deal with going into the shitty club. Dutchie got mad that I was drinking, but I was still pretty in control. Then he mentioned that he saw some good-looking local guys around, and I was like "dude you gotta point them out to me!!!" And I told him I was gonna check Jackd and we can both check out the guys together, and he got mad at me!! Serious what is wrong with checking guys out? I feel like even if I'm dating a dude we could still talk about other guys it's not like I'm gunna cheat or whatever. Things started to get weird because I started to get drunker, and sweatier (the climate here is stupid hot), and when I found out the shitty club sold out and I couldn't get in, I dragged Dutchie to the no-cover bar right outside it with a/c and tried to thrash everything out with him about why was he being upset. He said I was being grumpy, and I said no, you're being grumpy. Then a friend from high school comes along (who's a totally out-of-proportion uterus/tank now...) and I talk to him for a bit about law school in London yaddayadda, and he tells me to catch him later at the smoking area if I smoke, to which I replied, yeah I do some times. And then Dutchie tells me in an incredibly judgmental tone "I guess it's better you're denied entry since you're going to smoke and drink your way to death anyway."

What. The. Fuck?

It was totally uncalled for. I smoke cigs like...once every 2 months. And most of the time it's just one stick. This guy has an insane stick up his butt, and I was just really stunned by what he said, and so I ran out to the main road and called R, and started crying to him again. He told me to calm down, and that I should go over to hang with him instead. I was going to do that, but then Dutchie runs over and I try to cross the road with all the cars there and he pulls me back and apologizes. I told him I don't even fucking smoke, but that's not the point at all, that he keeps doing this to me, tearing me down for the smallest shit ever and making me feel worthless. I was sitting along the curb crying and talking to him, and he was holding my hand. Honestly though, I was just really fucking drunk by this point. I get up, went to a dark alley to take a piss, and then in my drunken state I start necking him again. What is up with people who keep going back to those who mistreat them? I grab his dick and it was rock hard. Then I just kind of take his hand and put it down my pants and got him to jerk me off for a bit, and then I did the same back to him. After like 3 seconds though, he pushed me away and told me to stop, and frankly, I don't really remember what happened, but basically I ended up at home. Fucking cab driver tried to fleece me and brought me to some military barracks instead and I went ballistic on the poor dude. Still paid him the full fare in the end though...

The next day I woke up and found Dutchie trying to contact me on multiple social media. He was apologizing and telling me that he didn't know what gotten into him and everything was just really weird. He told me he has been a wreck because everyone's leaving and he's been feeling very irritable about it, because "everything is falling apart." As much as other people would think this shithole is making up excuses, I actually kind of understood what he meant. Clearly, last night I did that too. When things go awry I tend to become pretty self-destructive and hostile. We somehow made up and made plans to meet on Sunday. R said he doesn't get our relationship at all because it's always pendulating between being really good and really bad. I kinda agree...

So on Saturday though, I stayed home being a lil mopey and shit. Brazilian-Chinese dude did not log in on to Jackd from Friday evening-Saturday, so I guess that's a wrap. I got annoyed that I was staying at home and moping around, so I texted the Malay-Chinese fashion dude with the awesome pecs (MCF for short) and he was up for meeting up for drinks at a gay bar. He came pretty late, wore really skinny jeans, had pretty bad complexion actually...but he was a dudely dude. I was a lil worried at first because it's a women's line, but he just markets and brands it I guess? We had a couple drinks, just talking about how it's kinda funny how I can recognize the people I've seen/spoken to on Jackd in the bar, but very few of them look as good as their pictures (including this dude I was talking to...) so I was kinda disappointed.

After talking for a bit, there was a point when his face got really close to mine. He said that he thinks I'm cute, I thank him (I really couldn't bring myself to return the compliment), and then he leans in and starts kissing me. I was pretty drunk and mouth-hungry so I was like what the heck, lehgo. After a while we stuff our hands down each other's pants for a while haha, and then leave to get into my car and I drove off to some secluded area. We got into the backseat and I took his shirt off and his body is really gloriously fit, but he really does have pretty bad complexion and it was kind of a buzzkill. I jerk him off for a bit, and after like 30 seconds, he came.

What the what? I was kinda sitting there being a lil like, "hmm, okay so that happened." That was so fucking fast!??? He starts apologizing for being so quick, and for also busting the night before so there wasn't a lot of fireworks, but I told him not to sweat it, and we left to get food. Then for some reason he says he wants to spend the night at my place instead of taking a cab back and for some reason I think it's an okay idea. Got back, the dogs barked at like 4 am, I got them to shush, went up to my bedroom, we both got naked, played around on my bed for a bit, and then crashed. Got up at 10 am, and he was still sleeping, I had to nudge him and tell him I was gonna shower, and he was still lazing around in bed without getting the hint. So I just straight up told him he had to leave soon because I had a surprise Mother's Day cake to give to my mom. He really took his own time...but finally left, and so I went up to my mom's study and gave the cake to her.

My mom thanked me and the sibs for the surprise cake, and we talked for a lil about her upcoming real estate examination which she is shitting bricks over. Yeah, my mom wants to be an agent??! Haha. I told her I knew she was busy so I already made plans for lunch and dinner with Dutchie and R. She asked me if Dutchie was still around, because she woke up when the dogs barked and she checked the security cameras at home and saw that there was another guy with me whom she assumed to be Dutchie. She gives me a knowing smile and tells me to ask him to come up for some cake...Oh lord. Busted. Lmao. I forgot that my mom installed like 5 or 6 security cameras in the house all linked to her iPad. I told her it wasn't Dutchie...it was another friend...and he left already...and she gave me a puzzled "oh" look and didn't mention it again.

SOOOO okay. This is the first time ever that I've had a dude sleep over at my place (and my mom was around...welp), that wasn't just a friend. Honestly, it wasn't that great, but it wasn't that bad either. I guess the problem was that I wasn't really into him. I didn't feel like a boss, nor did I feel like a whore. It was just...aiight I guess. Weird really.

Then I met up with Dutchie for lunch at yet another local food haunt of mine (it's funny because most people impress others by bringing them to fancy French or Italian restaurants, but I bring Dutchie to the most local cuisine places ever) After that we headed over to a golf country club since the sun was glorious, and we did a couple of laps in the pool and then soaked up the sun. This is the first time that I've seen Dutchie shirtless, like properly. The previous times we went swimming in the infinity pool I didn't really get much of a chance. His body is insanely, insanely hairy. Hahahaha!!! I mean like, shit dude? It totally blows my mind how some white people are so hairy!!! He has like tufts on his chest, on his tummy, his back...w t f? I'm like a naked molerat standing beside him, especially since I was wearing Speedos (how gay I know, I didn't bring swim shorts so I flirted with the counter and asked the lady if she could rent me anything and she gave me the Speedos from lost & found [I washed it thoroughly of course]. I think she just wanted to see me in trunks ;) lawl) His parents do cosmetic surgery back in Holland though, so he mentioned to me he was contemplating getting some of the hair lasered off. It was actually a pretty big turn-off as to how hairy he was!!! Nevertheless, poolside chilling was supes chill, and after that, we parted ways and were gonna meet again at night to check out Sunday gay night at this new establishment.

Free entry to the first 100 peeps, sure why not? Got in, wow. Turns out we were gay guy #3 and #4. No one else was there. Sound system was terrific though; I thought someone was singing live! Spoke to the really cute waitress who also spoke to me the last time I went there on a "normal" night, and she told me it was only the 4th time they held gay night, hence it still needs a lil bit of traction. Suggested to Dutchie to come back to my place and watch a movie instead, he agreed. Car ride back, I was holding his hand while driving again. Got back to my place, and we started reading magazines on men's fashion lolol, ohaayy. Dutchie was mostly checking out the prints on the pants, I was mostly checking out the models and their bodies wahahha. After showering (individually, dangit), I was too tired to watch a movie (had work the next day), so I told him I was gonna crash, and told him to spend the night over. He reluctantly agreed. Seeing that he came out of the shower only in his boxer briefs, I decided it was fine if I jumped into bed only in my boxers (Btw, boxers are an American thing?? Europeans/Asians wear briefs and boxer briefs? Never knew that) and one thing led to another (with no kissing!) and I found myself straddling him and necking him, slowly dry humping him, feeling his uh, dick (I'm not good at this writing steamy business shit) getting harder and harder through his briefs. After a while he told me to stop, that I was too horny, and that I needed to go to the bathroom and come. Hahahaha. I told him I wasn't gonna do that!!! I need porn or, at least, looking in the mirror to get myself off (I don't know if this is creepy but I am able to get off by just looking at my own body...it's really strange, does that mean that I want to screw myself?!), and being terribly naughty as usual, I told him I was gonna wank off on the bed right beside him, and I whipped my dick out. He pretended not to really care but he was looking at it the entire time. I took his hand over and wrapped it around my dick, and started thrusting while he was holding it. He started playing with my nipples, and I just went wild dude. This was incredible; I did not think he would have been up for this! I started thrusting faster and faster, closing my eyes, curling and uncurling my body as he played with my nipples more and more, and ended up shooting a pretty damn huge load on my chest and on to my body pillow beside me. It was kinda disgusting that it shot so far, I usually don't ever shoot far, but I was so turned on. I got out of my boxers, went to the bathroom to shower up, and just walked around naked for a while as I could tell he was checking out my butt and my goods. After that I turned the lights off, thanked him, told him not to feel bad, and we went to sleep holding hands.

So, that was the second night that I had a guy over at my place. It blows my mind what happened over the weekend really. Also, I think I'm becoming a bit more open-minded about everything, and that I'm ready to admit that I'm wildly curious about bottoming...haha. With the first dude and with Dutchie, both times I kinda toyed with putting their wangs near my butt and kinda just going around in circles and pushing their dick up my ass just a wee bit. I'm beginning to really like the rhythmic thrusting of sex - it's amazing really! So sensual and enjoyable somehow. Only when you get the rhythm down of course, when you're in perfect sync with your partner, if not then it's just fucking embarrassing.

On Monday I met up with Dutchie again for Iron Man 3, with some new "ATMOS" more-than-surround surround-sound technology bullshit, which wasn't very impressive (talking bout the sound system) but the movie was kick-ass!!! I loved it! We were holding hands throughout and I was really holding on to it at the exciting parts lol. I fucken love Iron Man btw. My fav superhero fasho. He's super suave, super cheeky, super smart, but also his exterior is only just one part of him, and beneath it all lies a compassionate and selfless thoughtful soul. Had some good ol' mickey d's for dinner after, and then I went on to try on some ridiculously flamboyant tank tops from Topman/Pull&Bear/Zara etc., and OHH BOYY I finally have the guts to wear bro-tanks because I'm no longer as scrawny as I was before! That actually made me feel really good haha. While walking to the parking lot, I cheekily squeezed his butt a couple times, and asked him if he was checking out my butt the night before, and he smiled and said, "Maybe." Hehehe. He also asked me when was the last time I came cos I shot a huge and far load ;) He told me he couldn't really actively jerk me off, or allow me to jerk him off (I took a peek of his goods though by lifting up his briefs for a bit; was soaked in pre-cum o_O) because he would feel like he's really cheating on his bf, but also he doesn't want to not mess around with me either. Heh, I'm strangely okay with all of this though. Maybe it is possible for a guy to like two people at the same time. I'm not sure. Also, I know it's kinda gay that we're like, holding hands all the time, but whatever really. I did not tell him, however, about the dude that slept over the night before, man he would probably be kinda pissed...

In the car ride back to his dorm, I was being naughty again (srsly what's new), and I just whipped my dick out and said "You know what is awesome? Road head." He didn't understand that slang (English afterall is his second language), and he punched my shoulder really hard when I explained it to him, but I took his hand and brought it over and he started playing with it. And I was telling him that I think that penis-holding/jerking is actually a pretty darn beautiful thing, and I think that people should just do it all the time but not in the sexually depraved way, but really in just a "sex is beautiful" kind of way. I don't know if you get what I mean haha. He agreed and slowly played with it by pulling my foreskin back and forth. When I dropped him off, I reached into his pants and once again his briefs were soaked with pre-cum. So I don't pre-cum at all, and I was wondering if it's a good or a bad thing. It's definitely bad when I'm trying to jerk off without lube, but I feel like it's probably really uncomfortable to be feeling wet in your knickers whenever you're accidentally horny...

Anyway, so yeah. We're meeting up for dinner tonight again. I spoke to a gloriously good-looking Spaniard on Jackd today, and he replied me instantly which is a win, but after a couple of exchanges I realized he was only passing through and would be leaving on Thursday for Indonesia...dude. This always happens!! Ah well. At least I had a fun weekend, and another great weekend to look forward to...It's fashion week baby!

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