Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chicago soon!

I'm at Heathrow right now, and gonna be boarding for Chicago soon. I spent a full day in London yesterday, and I have to tell you, it's so different being in London happy than depressed like how I was the last time I came here to study abroad.

London boys are so, so, fucking gorgeous. Omfg? Granted, most of the dudes I saw were probably tourists, but they were incredibly cute. And some were just so fucking handsome. I was heavily checking out so many people when I was walking on the streets. My mom told me that my eyes were so clearly roving fuck got called out by my mom that's embarrassing.

I also bought some new smashing shorts. I've upped the ante, under the heavy influence of S of course...I bought shorts with prints. It looks fucking amazing. From H&M. Awesome possum. Also bought my first ever tank, now that I'm not as scrawny as before. So ready for the beach. Bitch of a sister told me my arms are still too skinny for a tank....what a ho hahaha haterz gonna hate!!!

Went out for drinks last night with a friend at a gay watering hole, kinda cool, but all the hot boys there were straight though :( Then went with my friend from college (she studied abroad here for a full year) to some club that played shitty uber-chill "post-dubstep moody soundscapes" according to some hipster prick I was talking to outside of the club. My friend's from San Fran, she's awesome but she's way too hispter for me, I couldn't take the music I faked being too jetlagged to function and bounced. After coming out to her she also asked me if I've ever tried dressing drag :O I'm like, nuh-uh sista

Dude. So pumped for Chicago. Senior week's gonna be awesome. Think it's pretty obvious which school I go to since graduation is so much later than most other colleges. Gonna try and sleep on the plane later it's gonna be hard because it's United (generally I dislike American airlines because they really suck balls) (I flew Singapore Airlines business to London!)

Boarding now!!! Cya later fools!


  1. I know what school you went to...

    1. hehe and i know you're from finland :P

  2. OMG! Are you a potato queen? Most of the guys you seem attracted to are non-asians. I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm just wondering why. It could be that you are more "international" in your outlook. I agree that they are some very handsome caucasian guys (just look at all the Bel Ami porn stars) but there are lots of handsome latinos, black guys, and asians. So do you find that you have a preference? Or is it just a look?

    On another topic, I've been to Chicago 5 times for training but I didn't get out of the magnificent mile part of town, except one time I did go to Wrigley Field for a baseball game.

    1. hahaha, well yeah i guess i am a potato queen. why? i don't know why really. but if i do meet a hot asian dude, i'll hit on that for sure. the problem for me i think is, hot asians are hard to come by. and um bel ami is just out of this world. my preference is for mixed guys. half-white half-asian. they're the best blended beings. i think asian features are too soft, and white features are too harsh, so a combination is spot-on.

    2. Oh then you would like Hawaii, we have a lot of mixed race guys. Locally, they are called "hapa" -- asian/caucasian mix especially makes for attractive looks, cause you get the best of both worlds.

      Haha, somehow I knew you would Bel Ami models. Who knew eastern european guys could be so hot? Of course the selection is chosen for the most attractive qualities: handsome face, smooth (haha, almost asian-like) bodies, muscles, and hung. Hmmm, I could go for some potato too if I got that every day!

      So what are you going to do in Chicago? Eat deep dish pizza, chicago dogs, etc?