Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 0

I was going to make a cover of this song, and send it to him. That was before he told me he has made up his mind. I guess people who stray tend to stay with their partners in the end.

I'm trying very hard to pick up the pieces. I decided to be the better man and we FaceTimed for the last time, and I told him that if E makes him happy, then I'm happy for him. He told me to lash out at him and be angry, and I told him I'm not angry at all. He's my first love after all, and I doubt I'll ever be able to forget him. I just have to not be affected when I'm remembering him.

I'm trying to follow these steps. How funny.

My heart literally aches. It really does.

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  1. Wikihow has good advice. Maybe not every step applies to you, but alot of it, while difficult to do, seems solid advice to help you get over things.

    You also will experience the 5 stages of grief, so expecting this will help you understand how you are feeling:übler-Ross_model

    You started with denial when you hoped S would drop everything and come back to you -- but now that you have acknowledged that he isn't going to, it's time to work thru things.

    And finally when you are further along in accepting what has happened, you need to ask yourself why you would want to be with someone who cheated on his BF; if he did it with you, he could easily do it to you.

    You deserve better. There will be others, he's not the only one for you.