Wednesday, June 19, 2013


"mangz, like dude, totally, yo, yeah, like, uhh..."

Lmao. I'm back at school and wow. I did such inane college things, not even in like a fun way. I went to a house party and oh god so much needless small talk I had to do, I essentially said nothing important to people for about an hour and I felt thoroughly awkward throughout!! After that I said ok fuck this shit, I'm just gonna hang with the two people I actually wanna talk to and ignore everyone else. It's like nobody likes silence, and has to just constantly's weird.
There were a lot of gay guys at the house party, but all of them were a bit more on the feminine side, including one guy who vehemently says he is straight. I also saw this dude whose dick I grabbed once when walking home with (he was the gay cowboy from halloween two years ago) and holy shit he became such a hippie, with ridiculously ripped jeans, an ugly soiled tee and long hair and unkempt beard. Motherfucking hell!!! Yikes bro!

Went out to a bar sort of down-town (where the baseball stadium is), I felt like a mini celebrity lol. I met so many people in college I realized. Everyone kept saying I look better and more mature now which is awesome the gymming has paid off sooo much, fuck yeah! Men git at me yo! Other than that though, I had no fun at all. 3.50$ tequila shots, 3.50$ jack and coke...whatever. Shitty bar with a shitty name, and badly dressed people everywhere.

Being back in college is honestly weird. But I think I made the best of it, even though I only spent three years here. I made such amazing friends. But I really wished that some of my friends were classier. We went to have buffalo wings at a really shitty bar again...35cent wings. No. But I guess it's understandable that college kids are cheap...but seriously guys we are seniors many of you are gonna become consultants or lawyers...

Also, been a while since I've been hanging with girls again. I've been getting so good with telling people I'm gay. Basically all I do is ask them what was the biggest thing that happened to them in the year, and they say something about their job, or a relationship (a friend got married w t f), and then they ask me back the question, and I say oh I came out to my family and it's been great so far. And everyone's like slightly taken back but super supportive and everything goes back to normal after a "Shit! Good for you! Aww I'm so proud" and then bam.

Then two of the girls came over to my old swanky apartment rooftop pool, we checked out the hot dudes there and the girls were lolling hard at how #nofilter I am now that I'm out and proud (I was talking to them about how it isn't easy to give a blowjob...HEHEHE) then my best Indian friend came along and he started asking me questions "fuck my inhibitions I wanna know how you hook up with a dude" and it was all cool.

I also came out to my ex-roommate and he was cool about it. He told me he suspected it in the past, because I've a room to myself (he shares it with our other roomie) and I've never brought a girl home before.

Today I went to a nice rooftop bar with a firepit in the middle of the table with my "ex-girlfriend," my awesome travelbuddy friend (she went to Shanghai and Hong Kong with me), and my whiny straight consultant friend, and I was very awkward talking about boys in front of my "ex-girlfriend," even though she was totally cool. I went to the bathroom after and told the other two to stop grilling me about boys because I felt weird since I used to hookup with the "ex-girlfriend." I showed her a picture of this Thai guy that wanted to meet up with me but I let it fizzle out and she was like, "yo you should meet him!!! He's cute!!" It was really weird...

I sent her home after that and hugged her goodnight, and we talked about going to a yacht together and going for lunch downtown tmr, and it was just all very confusing because I feel myself being attracted to the girl again, but in a strangely more-than-friends but definitely-less-than-sexual way. But I like how slender she is, and how her hair falls so nicely down her shoulders, and how she's so accommodating and cool, I almost feel guilty that I'm gay and we're not going out.

There is nothing on the boy front, I've messaged all the hot dudes in my area, a few messaged back, many creepy old white guys have also been messaging me, but nothing's really gonna happen. Also I find myself missing S again...

Dad's coming down tomorrow, so I'm happy that after a booze trolley that we're doing (which should be really fun), I'm gonna be moving downtown to a hotel. Also, I gotta remember to collect my cap & gown. Shall put a reminder now.

Because this post is entirely stupid, I shall just put up some pictures of dudes I think are super hot:

Mariano Di Vaio is so fucken hot!!! 
Kevin Baker used to do porn...this also is my Whatsapp group icon with my army buds, I didn't pick it
Dude has way too many tatts but no one can deny that Maximilian Silberman looks incredibly sexy
This guy, Kike Gil, is seriously self-obsessed but what a face and what a bod!!
I do not know who this is but I follow him on Instagram and Latinos are basically mad hot (Angel Huerta)
Think this guy is probably half-Asian, TJ Hogue
Daniel Henney is the hottest half-Asian ever

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  1. I need an org chart to keep track of all the people you referred to in this post. :-)

    So that's nice of your dad to visit you to see you graduate. He made the extra effort to go all the way to Chicago. I hope he tells you how proud he is of you; you know asians, especially older ones, they don't express emotions easily except for big events.