Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vlog #2

Less awkward this time round


  1. You did the right thing with the gal asking you out. It's better to be honest and not lead her on; she might want to have you as a friend because there's no sexual tension. Some gals view having gay guy friends as very fashionable, you could be a trophy gay.

    As for Norway dude, do NOT bring your hookups home. He might be cute looking but you don't know much about him. If you want to meet, first check him out at some public space and if there's lust (c'mon, admit it, that's what's going to driving things), get a hotel room or do it in the back seat of your BMW. And remember, always use protection.

    1. I honestly have no intention of meeting her because she's not really that cute (I told her a fib) plus I really don't like being a GBF!!!

      Hey haven't I mentioned it before that I don't do anal at all??! Haha. And yeah I wanna check him out first at a bar or something, I actually wanted to call him to see if he sounds femme but dude doesn't have a phone..womp. Also hotels are expensive!!!

    2. OMG! Turn in your gay membership card right away. You don't do anal? I thought all asians were bottoms! Nah, just kidding -- many wrongly assume that asians, because we are more reserved, naturally must be the submissive one in the pairing. That's total BS of course. Another asian myth debunked. I can totally see you being a power top, especially bossing around the bottom. :-)

      What time is it over there? It's 10:45pm here, I'm getting ready to go to bed. Goodnight Cheeky King!

    3. this is where i'm a little confused about the gay world. to me, everyone should be doing both. how can it not be enjoyable to fuck and be fucked? how can some people expressly only like having it up the ass? that's weird to me.

      i haven't felt comfortable enough with anyone to try sticking my dick into his poophole. it also sounds really gross, and anuses look very unsightly to me. i don't know if i'm the only one who thinks this way though. however, i think so far i adapt to the situation. with more passive guys (like dutchie), i controlled the whole situation, well, during our pathetic two hookup sessions, it was just me directing everything. with aussie dude, who was bigger than me and kinda aggro, we took turns "bottoming," like we never really stuck our dicks all the way in i guess, it was just kinda playful and teasing. i wrote about it a long time ago here: http://kenn-do.blogspot.sg/2013/03/nsfw.html

      i'm sure once i find a dude i'm comfortable to look at his butthole and for him to look at mine, i'll do both all the fucking time. hahahha

    4. Yes. versatile is the way to go, even if you have preference for one way or another. Are you quiet in bed or a moaner?