Monday, July 15, 2013

Sexual health clinic experience & London so far

Sup broskis? Hope everyone's doing swell, or "grand" in UK terms. It's 3:10 am now in London (I'm essentially nocturnal), and ISAD is sleeping outside on the futon (I told him I cannot sleep with him on the same bed with me because I'm a light sleeper, but the truth is he just wants to cuddle and kiss and play with my nipples way too much that I can't sleep at all), and I've time to update a little. As usualll, I'll do it chronologically. Gonna be a long ass entry. I was wondering if I should put pictures to make my blog seem less...verbose. My entries are always so long, I wonder if most people just tl;dr them, which would make me sad! goes.

So I decided to go to the sexual health clinic here in London on Friday for 2 reasons: 1) I am a visitor, so complete anonymity, 2) it is free, fuckyeahwelfaresystem. I (regrettably) had unprotected sex June 27, so I thought two weeks was enough to get the antibody antigen test. I filled out a form, sat there in the waiting room with a whole bunch of varied men - some old, some young and preppy, some clearly sassy bitches, etc. Turns out the window for the test is 4 weeks, so unless 4 weeks has passed, a negative result isn't comprehensive. The health advisor was really kind, and spent about an hour talking to me, explaining to me things about STDs and HIV, stuff I never gave much attention to in the past. She even taught me how to put on a condom on this gigantic dildo lawl. Yes, I've never actually put on a condom before; it has always been the other guy who puts it on me (and wastes it anyway since I go all floppysealmode) or on himself. Then she gave me loads of free lube and condoms, a couple brochures, and then I went to another room to do the full sexual health checkup. All in all, it was quite a cool experience really. She assured me that I probably didn't get anything since the guy didn't jizz in me, nor was it for a very long time nor was it rough, so yeah. She also said it's a 1 in 90 chance to get HIV when one bottoms. I'll know my results (hopefully) on the 17th/18th before I fly back.

Then I went to the gym after that and it felt so good to be back in the gym. Couple of hot eye candies too. Going to the gym makes me feel like I'm normalizing my life, and psychologically makes me feel like I'm doing something positive.

Then I headed out to meet R at this gay club where we had free entry cos we signed up on Grindr. Lmaoooo. Place was total shit even though reviews on Yelp made it seem like some kind of gay banker paradise, I even wore a blazer but uh-uh, only sassy bitches errwhere! Hahaha okay, no offense. Then we waited outside, and ISAD came and joined me.

Because he slept over the night before and went straight to work after, he was still wearing the same thing as I saw him on Thursday. We then decided to go to...Heaven. Basically, the most famous gay club in London. I've been there only once before, and I had to wait in line for 1.5 hours. This time though, the line was much shorter (we got in immediately).

It was here when things got a little chaotic. R had 3 other friends with him, a straight all-American boy from Kansas, and two girls (one had a bigass booty where two Sassy Gay Guys were all like "ohhhhhh daymmm gurlll look at dat bootay!!!! Uh-uh honey I gotta take a photo of dat" - actually tbh, I do not know how Sassy Gay Brit Guys speak...woops my b), and because ISAD had to coat check his bag and my blazer, we got separated. So the whole night was essentially just me and ISAD making out everywhere, he holding my hand everywhere we went, him taking my shirt off in the club, and then trying to find R to no avail, so we finally ended up on McD's where I fucking wolfed down a fillet-o-fish and five chicken strips mothercow!!! Finally found R, got back in, danced for a bit, then the club closed at 4 or 5. Told R he could crash at my place, so R, ISAD, and I took a bus back to my place, and R slept on the futon.

ISAD again could not let me just sleep. He wanted to fool around a bit in bed, and I was like...bro I am fucking exhausted. So we slept at 6 am, and by 8 am, HE WAS KISSING MY EARS. Wow dude. However, he actually got me really fucking horny by his intense nipple play (seriously my nipples were sore after), so we just _had_ to bust a load each that calm Saturday morning. He wanted us to shower together, I told him I was gonna go back to bed, and so he left.

I ended up getting a really bad sore throat and a slight fever from not being able to sleep enough the previous two nights. It was horrible. I felt like death. So far I have drank 5-6 sachets of brown sugar ginger tea, took loads of Strepsil lozenges, gargled saltwater, and still. Throat hurts like a ratchet lil bitch. He texted me that afternoon and was like, yooo so what we doing tonight? wanna get dinner then go out, or stay in cuddle and watch a movie? I told him, hey dude, let's not meet up tonight, because if you sleep over three nights in a row, still wearing the same shirt, I'll probably not even want to touch you. He was kinda slighted by that, but agreed and backed off and didn't text me the whole night.

Thinking I was free now, R made plans to go out to the same club again, this time with our mutual girl friend, M. M has spent a month in London just traveling Europe, and meeting up loads of dudes on Blendr. Holy shit. She is the female version of me. Hahahah. Anyway, I asked R if he really wanted to, cos it was drag night, and he said "I'm pretty sure very few people will adhere to the theme."

Well boo-fucking-hoo R, but it was a horrible night. Music started off perf at first, with dubstep remixes of T-Swift, Katy Perry, etc., but then drag queens started popping up everywhere. There were balloons being released from the ceiling, then loads of confetti, and then bam, some queen was singing really badly on the stage, and after that the DJ played some really bad 80's music. This went on for a while, plus I kept getting bumped around by gum-chewing dudes wearing silver spandex leggings and a fake wig with shades YET with a beer belly and facial hair (I was so thoroughly confused), so by 1 am we called it a night. Finally had a good night sleep that night, but not enough still though, as I had to get up early-ish as I was ISAD's +1 to his company's BBQ.

This entry is long enough already, so I'll end it here, but yes I know I'm a little nuts for still hanging out with ISAD (in fact we hung out from 10 am Sunday to 3 am), but he's actually a real dece dude. A whackjob with a real messed up life, but still dece bro. And it also made me realize, that this is exactly the same situation of S and I, except this time I'm the S (harhar), and he's the...I. He's trying so hard to please me, and he's always holding my hand, and sharing bits of his personal life, and I'm a bit reserved and withdrawn, since I know this is wrong since I'm gonna be leaving soon. He even told me something that night that I have told S before. He told me, "isn't it easier for you anyway, to like someone who likes you more than you like him?" It's really strange now that I am at the receiving end of getting chased; I actually feel emasculated and I realize that is what bothers me more than anything else. I feel like I should be the one paying for the dinners, and leading the way and making decisions, and yet he's the's strange.

I'll talk more about him in the next post.


Man. I want a relationship like that!


  1. I can see why you want that relationship, the couple in the video are both cute and have a lot of chemistry together. The guy on the right is especially adorable -- he's got some massive biceps. :-) Afterwards I checked out his coming out video.

    So you had to go all the way to London to learn about safe sex? Doesn't Singapore teach that stuff to kids in school? Oh well, better to learn this way than thru a hard experience. Isn't it fortunate that ISAD like nipple play because you like it too.

    1. Even I forgot what they taught in sex ed class here in Singapore. Probably was only one session in grade 5 or 6. Only remembered they ushered the boys out so they can show an abortion video to the girls to scare them into remaining chaste. Admittedly, there's been revamps of the content but I doubt it'll ever touch on anything non-heteronormative in the near future.

      Oh and I bet with a little imagination and nipple play, kenndo could probably cum without touching his floppy seal.


    2. I just was a little surprised how casual Kenn-do talks about not paying attention to STD and HIV. Are newbie gays not concerned about those things? Awareness is so important when it comes to your health.

    3. Interestingly though, Kenndo has actually blogged about being very afraid of contracting STDs in one of his earlier blogposts if memory serves me right.


    4. i am terrified because i didn't know anything about them. i learned the science of it all, but nothing about the actual practical aspects.

      singapore basically employs scare tactics to convince everyone to abstain. all i remember was watching a video of people almost having sex and this robotic woman appearing saying "stop! this is wrong!" or some shit like that. and yes, also the abortion video, saw that one. only thing it did for me was an inner "champion fist fuckyeahnowomenforme" thing

    5. Cheeky King:

      Sorry -- I misinterpreted your line about "stuff I never gave much attention to in the past" -- initially I read that to mean "I know but don't think about it much" kind of cavalier attitude. Since you are terrified, you should be even more careful and vigilant. That's the scary thing about drinking too much, you cannot make good judgments in that condition.

      Maybe because culturally your society tried to discourage sex, now that you are free to do whatever, you are rebelling against the earlier repression.