Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's 4:15 am in the motherland, where the food is flavorful and the people flavorless. I really do hate jetlag.

Well, all I wanted to say is, I received such a nice heartfelt email when I touched down from a reader of my blog and it made me smile so much. It was very nice also to Skype N for a bit just now; he's coming out to one of his best friends as I type this. Things have definitely gotten a bit serious, we both cried at the airport, he was bawling like a baby though, I was erm...slightly better. Haha. He also tells me he is almost definitely going to move to my motherland in October...we'll see about that. Not holding out for anything, definitely.

I had such a warm welcome when I got back to the house. My two dogs basically jumped on me and stuck their tongues down my throat!!! Hahaha. I missed them and they sure missed me! It's been great being back with my family too. They're all happy that I'm back to my bubbly self again, and I think it really shows how stressed out they were that I was such a mess before. I spent a solid 2-3 hours chilling in my bro's room while he played some FPS game and I played some Japanese RPG on the PS3 called Wrath of the White Witch. Hahaha...Saturday night videogaming...boys will be boys. Also, apparently my sister told the folks about N, and it's really weird because my 'rents gushed to me at the airport that they think he is very handsome, and that this one is a keeper! LOL? Awkward much? Apparently back when my sister was a freshman, she was showing some pictures from school to my dad and my dad saw this guy in her picture and said "hey this guy is good-looking why don't you go for him?" Wellll turns out the dude went for her brother instead wahahaha shit son this is just weirdly hilarious. 

I think when things settle down a bit on Sunday I'll spend a bit of time reading my previous entries, to see how much I've changed and (hopefully) grown for the better. It should be a powerful thing, revisiting my previous self.

I've also finally replied S' email. Huzzah!

"Hey S,
Thanks for checking in! I'm doing great!
Although your email was probably a one-time thing of such a nature, however I would think it's best if you don't send me such emails in the future. Since you didn't give me a chance, it's over, and there really shouldn't be any overhanging feelings between the both of us.
And really, trust me, I haven't been waiting  You'll still always be my first love though.
When are you back from China? If I've got the time we can catch up.
Yeahyeah I know, I added the "first love" bit just to fuck with him hahaha, but he deserves it!
Alright bromos, off to bed now. 


  1. Very classy reply to S -- short, clear and to the point. And most important, it shows you are strong and have moved on. It's good for him to know that -- he can release whatever guilt he felt and you can look forward instead of at the past. I'm not sure you could have written this 4 weeks ago.

    1. So what flavorful foods have you been noshing on since returning to the motherland? After being away for so long, you will be craving some asian tastes. Hainan chicken and rice? Oooooo, chinese roast duck and roast pork, over some fluffy rice, drizzled with drippings. Yum-yum. I wish I could eat that stuff, I miss it so much.