Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I read through all my entries from the start until end of April. I've definitely grown a lot. It was very interesting revisting the old me. I was really a complete noobcake. Also, "I don't know man, I really had no clue so many people have had so much sex lol." Hah! Clearly I had no clue that I was going to turn into such a sexual tiger. 

Also, I can't even begin to describe how much I'm brimming with optimism for the future. Things have been smashing so far. I have basically chilled fat at home with my brother, we had delicious ramen on Sunday after chilling on the hammock in the garden and my mom getting the dogs to take a dip in our pool. Then I threw out 6 pairs of shoes in the shoe cupboard that I basically don't wear anymore, and gushed like a proper gay man at my new shoes I bought in NYC looking all fucken sexy and shit. Then I went up to my room, packed my shit for work, and then started sulking a bit because I didn't know what to expect when I go back to work after 5 weeks of vacaying around. My dad saw me, and he told me that I can quit right now because he doesn't want me to lose my self-confidence again because he's so happy that I came back so happy. He talked to me about moving to Hong Kong soon, and then finding a job there since he got a really good headhunter for me.

I think I'm pretty set on Hong Kong. I'm sorry, but my motherland really does not cut it out for me. We are an artificial Disneyland paradise, where the food is flavorful, and the people flavorless. Infrastructurally cosmopolitan, but culturally a monochromatic wasteland. Harsh words I know, I am aware I come across pompous as fuck. But the truth is really as such: my mecca of a Westernized Asian paradise (because Asia TRULY is where things actually work, not like everywhere else), a Shangri-La of chilled out Asian dudes and dudettes, clearly does not exist. Every Asian in Asia has their knickers up in a knot. The only way I can seek this Westernized Asian paradise, is if I become a traitorous asshole, and be an expat in an Asian country where I definitely cannot identify with the locals. And that would be Hong Kong, because I don't speak Cantonese, and the expat community there is vibrant and so thoroughly nucleated it shouldn't be difficult. Additionally, I would be away from my parents and hence would be able to breathe, plus since we have an apartment in Hong Kong, I wouldn't need to pay the exorbitant rent and thus Hong Kong would be very affordable for me.

I do hope that as I grow older, my goals in life would be much less self-absorbed. For now I truly am only thinking about myself, and all the fun that I want to have. Hopefully once I've achieved that, I'll be able to grow up (unlike the frat bros I see who at the age of 30 are still playing Bags and drinking Natty light with a backwards trucker cap saying shit like "YEAH UP TOP"), and think about actually contributing to the society, or helping other people, etc. But honestly, growing up in fucking Asia really means I didn't have a lot of fun growing up, and dude I've missed out loads, for example, I've never gone tubing?? Wtf bro? I've also never done freshwater fishing on a boat? What what? Kidding, I doubt most city kids did that in their childhood. All I've done when I was a kid however was rote memorization and regurgitation of exam formulas. :'o(

N said he'll come over to HK with me, if I'm set on HK. He's really such a sweetheart. Not gonna lie, I'm liking him more and more. But still, the cautionary tale of Mr. S looms over me, so yeah I'm not gonna lay all my cards on the table, or expect anything from him. We have been perfectly honest with each other, and he understands my hesitations, and he has been trying to allay them. We've been talking on Skype and Whatsapp all the time actually, it's kinda nice and sweet haha. He's definitely too young though...he's turning 21 in 3 weeks. I feel like a fucking pedobear. 

Honestly, if he really does end up in the same country with me, I'll give dating him a go. I mean, what's the harm? When's a better time to date a cute Middle Eastern guy anyway? He clearly really likes me, he is also obsessed with playing with my body hahaha, he doesn't have any fucking boyfriend in the way, and well, I've made it clear that he's not gonna mooch off me. And I really don't think he'll hurt me at all. But I'll still be careful. I told him though, to fatten up more because he's really way too skinny (2-3% body fat), and to polish up his British accent HAHA, since I think the British accent is excruciatingly sexy, and his accent is kind of blended since he was born in L.A. 

Also, I went to the gym yesterday, and hell yeah baby! Body fat at 15.5%! That's a 3% drop since end of May. Honestly though, I didn't really change anything in my diet, I worked out even less cos I was vacaying, but I did walk loads everyday sightseeing, and I erm, had a lot of sex I guess. And not even buttsekz but like, foreplay is pretty damn exhausting woahh bro. But yeah, I think being in NYC and London for a week each was great because they are two cities where one walks everywhere. Damn dude. Weird but I miss walking in cities. It's too hot here to walk around. Also, there are very few people to check out anyway.

And honestly, I'm not even lying, the dudes in my country are really not very attractive. My friend's theory is because we are mostly from the Southern part of China, which he alleges to be...more chinky-looking, coupled with the humidity here, loads of peeps have really bad acne. I honestly don't know about such a dumbass theory, but whatever, I'm Taiwanese anyway, theory doesn't apply to me. I've turned off Jack'd and haven't logged into Jack'd or Grindr at all. Futile I say, futile.

In other news, Aug 8-11 is a long weekend for us, because it's our Independence/National Day, and being a self-respecting patriot I obviously have to gtfo of my country during this period and chillax hard. At first I was thinking of going up to Brisbane to find Aussie dude and have a lil fun with him, since we still talk a lot (2 days ago), and he got laid off so he's just straight chilling lmao. Now however with the N situation, I probably won't hit up Aussie dude, because I know if I meet up with him we just gonna BWB (bros with benefits) all day. I was thinking of jetting off to some tropical island around, but decided in the end to visit my best bud J in Mumbai! He's working for an investment bank there, and was lamenting to me everyone says they'll visit him in India but no one really does, lol. I'm probably visiting a friend in Chennai too; he is relatives with the richest family in India, maybe I'll get to see their US$1 billion mansion in Mumbai if I'm lucky haha. 

Also, being back at work sucks. My orc-lady of a boss is still ignoring me completely, plus she's always out at meetings, so I haven't been doing anything. It has been fun catching up with the coworkers though, all of whom were teasing me about smoking too many joints in Amsterdam (which I did not go to) or banging too many chicks in nightclubs (yeah...completely off there), and I brought some chocolates that...were gifted to my dad by his Japanese bosses or something lol, since I forgot to buy shit for them from Europe my b. They also want me to hold a BBQ at my place two Fridays from now, which is hilarious, because I know I'm going to quit for sure. 

I'm in a much better place than I've ever been this year, and I'm really glad I managed to pull through. It definitely does get better.

[edit: Holy. OK. My dad has, as usual, decided things for me. He has booked a lunch appointment with the Chief Investment Officer on Aug 13th to tell him "sorry, my son is moving to HK thnks fr the mmrs." Essentially, I would have to quit after that. Which is stupid, because if I quit before that, I would be able to do a much longer trip to India. But yeah, I guess that's it really. It has been decided.]


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    1. Yeah haha he told me he would always be swarmed with bodyguards and paparazzi whenever he hung out with his cousins

  2. CK: Do you talk really fast in person? When I read your posts, they are so full of detail and go a mile-a-minute, I imagine you talk really fast. Like most chinese! Haha!

    Moving to HK is a big step but probably good for your development and get away to be on your own for a change. I'm sure like most asian families that you still will have strong ties but when you get to experience some freedom and independence, you will grow from the experience. As for N moving in with you, as an outsider, I'm still wary but I don't have your direct interaction with him, so what do I know? Just use your gut instincts.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention, you are going to love the food and shopping in HK. That is if you ever get out of your apartment where you are N are going to be doing ummm, you know, all the time. ;-)

    2. I do talk fast, you've seen my vlogs! I really do think I'm hyperactive and thus my entries are always so all over the place and I have a lot to say anyway hah.

      And yeah I love HK! I've spent 7 months there in total. I also think it's a nice fresh start that's near but removed from family.

    3. I don't recall you talking that fast in your videos. I remember a lot of kung fu/hand action though. :-)

  3. Kenn-do, sorry to burst your bubble but Taiwanese-Chinese people were originally from Southern China as well.

    HK sounds great. Vibrant expat community as you said and also a lot of eurasians!


    1. Noooo shit ok I'm southern Chinese too :( haha anyway I think my friend's theory is completely bullshit I think it's more culturally unattractive than physically unattractive anyway, that and the horrid fashion sense here

  4. I hope you like Hong Kong. :) I like you blog. Definitely following you. Good luck!