Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whut whut whut whut?


I'll turn straight for a girl like Cheryl Cole. She's like a sex goddess, everything she does just oozes sex appeal. And what great curves baby! Too bad all her songs suck donkey ass.


Omg. My gayvaries (gay ovaries) just exploded. This man is a hot piece of hunk and I am going to google images of him now and post them here right nao. However, to be honest, there is something very odd about him, that just doesn't feel's partly his personality, his strangely pedantic and Lady Gaga-reminiscent song style, and his facial features.

Oh wait what the fuck was I saying? Ok give me him.


I am meeting up with an Iranian-American tonight (yeehaw further expanding my racial platter) and he's actually spending the night here since he lives really far away, but how awkward is it that he knows my sister (they go to the same school) and that they have made out before in freshman year?

Lawl. Whut whut whut whut whut???


  1. Check this link out for more Steve Grand picts:

    He modeled under a number of different aliases. OMG is right!

    1. UNNNFFFF gayvaries exploding everywhere

    2. Hey? What's wrong with Steve Grand's facial features? He's beautiful. Plus why are you looking at his face when you can drool over that hot body. OMG! Pecs, arms and damn! Love those 6-pack abs!

    3. OMG! I'm now looking closely at the pict you posted. You can clearly see the outline of his cock thru the underwear.

  2. If only Cheryl Cole could sing, her songs actually would sound great like this Adele cover:

    Hope the guy doesn't say that your sis is a better kisser :P


    1. lol he told me that i'm really different from my sister, which is true. i'm a lot more easygoing.

      but at least this means he has good taste eheheh. my sister is really hot!!!

      and adele's great, but what a boring song!!! :(