Monday, July 29, 2013

Young and Beautiful

Yeah, I'm blogging shit loads, sorry about that.

I went to the gym after work, and holy smoking shit, my jaw actually dropped when I saw this dude at the chest press machine. 30-35, probably of Middle Eastern descent (reminded me of N ehehe), scruffy, very handsome, and ridiculously built. He has probably 3-5% body fat on him. Incredible biceps, incredibly muscular yet lean shapely legs and real short shorts. Every time he did a rep, and I could see the outline of his pecs pressing against his shirt, my eyes twitched a lil. Absolutely no fucks were given, as I stared this dude down at every chance I got. I even took sneaky ninja photos of him hehehe, but only from the back. Then I actually saw when he left for the locker rooms and timed myself to exactly catch him walking up to the showers in nothing but his briefs and I just stared the entire time at his fucking hot abs. Then I was doing abs and obliques out near the pool on the mat, and beside me this fucking hunky dude was just his shorts. He had an incredible butt, incredible shoulders, chest, biceps, unnnffffff. I took ninja shots too, and sent them to Aussie dude hahah who told me he really wants an Asian boyfriend now (as much as he likes teasing me I'm a bottom slut I tease him for being a rice queen). Then Aussie and I bonded over the fact that I was very thankful he was my first ever hook-up on Jack'd, that he was such a cool chill reg dude who was the 1st dude who I kissed publicly, who sucked me off in my car, who gave me road head, who rimmed me, who I spent more than 1 hour naked with, who worked out with me and kissed me and grabbed each other in the gym, and the 1st time I've ever used lube, and got partially penetrated, and cuddled with a man. He was like, woah! You were so inexperienced?? Haha...yeah I was. I've come a long way, no pun intended. Also, it sounds kinda slutty but actually it really was a lot of cheeky fun hanging out 3-4 times with Aussie dude during his visit to my city.

Btw, this is my story of Aussie dude just to refresh people's memories:

After that this really hot tall white guy with perfect abs walked around the locker room with his boxers and I had a perfect side view of him standing by the weighing scale with the bulge and his sexy chest and I quickly messaged N telling him I'm going nuts seeing all these hot dudes and not being able to fool around with N. I told him to fly over for a week (he's taking a week off work) and I'll pay for half the ticket but he tells me that our relationship is way too young for me to spend 300 pounds on him, plus he really doesn't want to give the impression to anyone that he's just with me for the money. Sweet guy, but I don't know how long I can keep this up without hooking up with nobody. This is why I'm blogging so much too, it's just work, gym and porn for me. Werruuhggghh. There's gotta be more to lifeeeee, yeah like when dafuq is my "boyfriend-to-be" gonna be here goddammit haha

I've told him about the gazillion times I wank a day hahaha. He's like "you're a horny lil slut" and I tell him "you angry bro?" Hee. It's weird cos we call each other dude, bro, but also baby (he does it), and at times babe...which is like, whutttt.

This is N btw, back when I got back at him for taking my shirt off at a gay club, so I...took off his shirt at another gay club hah.

ANYWAYYY, back to what I wanted to talk about. I've realized that I have been insensitive to older gay guys who might read this, as I come across as demonizing them for trawling through Grindr and Jack'd hitting on younger guys. I've had this impression because I assumed that the older you are, the more experience you have with the gay world, and if you're still going on Grindr and all these cruising apps at an older age, that means there must be something fundamental about you that I don't agree with. However it has never crossed my mind that many of these older guys might actually be just like me, new to the gay world, petrified (well, not me anymore) of approaching other guys they're interested in, terrified of rejection, but thrilled by the seasonal menu of sizzling hot young thangs. I've actually been very mean to a few guys, especially this older dude who opened with the line of "I'm looking to lic some cock. Let me know if u're interested" and I went apeshit on him.

I guess many times the delivery of these propositions come across as very distasteful, which turns me off. But I recognize the struggles of older guys, especially the new gay older guys, in a world that is ruthlessly shallow and that worships eternal youth. I'm very lucky to have incredible skin, not lying when I say I'm seriously supple (ah, alliterating alligator) which sounds real gay but it's the truth, it's why I look really young for my age, and will probably look early 40's when I'm in my late 50's. It really reminded me of Lana Del Rey's song for The Great Gatsby:

But in some ways still, as much as I know I'll regret all that I've said once my skin starts sagging and my gut starts growing (karma probably knows my full name, and can probably even pronounce my mandarin name fuck she's good), I think of these two songs:

In all seriousness though, sorry for being insensitive. These are purely just the opinions of one guy, I do not think that everyone (in my age range) thinks this way.


  1. You are becoming more mature every day. You finally have some empathy for fellow LGBT who don't fit your ideal or time. You live in a more open society and I'm not sure young LGBT can really appreciate the older ones who had a more difficult time when there were constant threats of violence, prison, involuntary hospitalization. But I agreed with you, a creep is creep no matter what age.

  2. Haha, you're such a creep at the gym. Yeah FoC is right, you seem to have come some way from the time you thought you were "better than everyone" at the gay club are more willing to put yourself in others' non-cole haan shoes.

    Here's my contribution to help with the fapping:
    Top fucks multiple loads out of bottom


    1. hahah i prefer solos. idk why. and thats way too much body hair.

      this is an example:

    2. I see. Anw, I love me some sexy body hair. Woof!


  3. I admire your thoughtfulness and for your apology. I did a post on Unwanted Online Attention in response.

    I am sure that the majority of the older guys hitting on you online just want to get into your pants and nothing else, and have behaving this way for many decades. I still hold the view that it would be creepy and inappropriate for me to message a guy 20 - 30 years younger for sex but the reverse is perfectly acceptable.

    If a young guy prefers older, experienced men, then all the power lies with him if he chooses to message me. I won't argue!