Sunday, August 18, 2013

But with you I feel again

I woke up with this song in my head. I had a huge smile sitting up on my bed, touching the fucking soft silky sheets, smiling even with a massive thirst from alcohol dehydration. This is such a feel-good song seriously.

I feel so good about quitting my job. It was bringing me down so much. But the last few days I have bonded so much with my fellow coworkers. They're great people, unwilling to just be meek cogs in the great machine.

There isn't much to update because once again, I am in limbo. But this time it's a good limbo. The world is my oyster. I've got about two weeks in my country left, then I'm headed off to Cebu in the Philippines Sept 4-8 with a couple Hong Kong college friends, then London Sept 9-23 to hang with N. Funny thing is to Cebu I'm taking a budget airline, and...SAP's actually gonna fly it on both days. Haha! For London I used miles that I "saved" because I opted to fly Economy coming back from London back in July instead of Business which my dad initially put me on. Isn't that insane, that a one-way Business upgrade is 90k miles, while a return Economy ticket to London is 60k? Granted I have to try hard to keep my cool among the plebs...just kidding hahaha.

On my London trip I also hope to go to Amsterdam hahaha...and no I'm not gonna meet up with S at all, I just want to smoke a shit ton of weed and make out and have fun while N and I are stoned. I've smoked a lot in college but I've never really hooked up high. I think it'll be an adventure. And yes I know how pathetic, I have no access to weed here at all.

Oct 1 N gets here with his one-way ticket from London, and I'll show him around for a bit, I'm really excited to show people around my country because that's really the only time that I like it.

Other than that, I went out twice over the weekend, gay bar on Friday and beach party on Saturday. Beach party sucked but I had like 10 Jaeger shots and it was interesting driving after because I was actually very much in control still. My Cute Turkish Friend left because he said the party sucked "this is how poor college kids party" and went to find a chick he found on Tinder who he said was the "best app ever." I was seriously thinking about telling him I use Grindr, but meh I don't know man. He said to get dinner with him at a swanky restaurant some time, maybe I'll tell him then.


  1. Remember on one of your blog posts, you talked about Tim-tams? Well, my local Costco just started carrying them for a limited time. Imported all the way from Australia. There are selling for $12 for a pack of 3 different flavors. Is that a good price? I have no idea. I see on Amazon they are selling single bags for around $5.50/each.

    So does SAP know you are flying with him? Maybe he can get you an upgrade?

    What happened to your plan to move to HK with N following you?

    1. what does a pack of 3 different flavors mean? anyway, the only good tim-tams are the original ones, or the double choc ones. everything else isn't as good. and if it's 3 packs for 12 bucks, that's an awesome price.

      yeah, cos SAP still iMessages me time to time, and i told him i'm going to cebu, and he told me he's flying for those days. upgrade? no...

      in mid october, or whenever i can find a job. or if i'm jobless then FML i'll stay here in singa

    2. Sorry, I was not clear -- it's a box that contains separate flavors, dark chocolate, caramel, and some coffee flavor, I think.

      Well, budget airlines are all cattle cars, not a lot of separate classes. Maybe he'll let's you ride in the "pilot" seat while flying there? And yes, that was a naughty reference. :-)

      I'm not attuned to the local customs but don't you have to go to HK first and interview and see what the job opportunities are like before deciding you are jobless without even leaving Singapore? Or can you do it via video-conferencing? Perhaps this is one time having your father's connections would be a big plus -- he can put in a good word for you and they could offer you a job sight unseen. I've heard in asia, a lot of the networking is through connections, so maybe he can find N a job too? Otherwise, what is N going to do in HK?

    3. OK, I got my Timtams from Costco today. But I mis-remembered the package size. It's a box of 5 packs of cookies (200 gram size), for $14. There's two original, two dark chocolate, and one caramel. I just tried the original -- and it is yummy. Chocolately, crisp -- I ate 3 right away. I had to force myself to put away the rest for later. It's gooey from this summer heat.

    4. Refrigerate them! And go google Tim tam slams. Holy poop I am so excited just thinking about them

    5. I saw a picture on Wikipedia about tim tam slam, but I'm still not sure what to do. Any hints you can share?

    6. Kenn-do:

      Check out this list of lovely asians. You have said in the past that you are not that attracted to asians, but there's gotta be 3-5 guys on this list you find attractive.

      The korean guys especially caught my attention.