Thursday, August 8, 2013

I quit!

Although this is a pivotal update, it is a rather boring one. On Wednesday, I was talking to my dad about thinking of quitting very soon, since I don't think it's right for me to quit at a later date as the managers were already about to give me more responsibilities, and it wouldn't be nice to quit then. Being the overly-intense Asian father that he is, he immediately sent an email out to the CEO and CIO thanking them for the opportunity but his son is quitting.

Omfg. I had to tender notice of my resignation immediately to my bosses. I was freaking out about it because how do you sit at your desk knowing that your boss just read your "I quit" email. Strangely, this new manager at my rotation asked me to stay. The HR manager also called me to try to convince me to stay, and when I said I wanted to go to Hong Kong, she offered that we can explore the option of posting me to the Hong Kong retail mall instead.

I struggled with telling them the truth about why I wanted to quit. The egregious inefficiencies in running things? The uncoordinated disorganized haphazard mess with no SOPs? The laughable "open-office" "no hierarchy" concept? The stifling local culture? I told them I just wanted to go to Hong Kong. It was weird.

Well, so that's that. I've officially quit. Gonna meet up with the HR boss on Monday. Hopefully I don't have to do my full month's of notice period, so that I can fly up to London to be with N for maybe a week or two.

It was also really funny that I quit the day after we had a welcome lunch for all the fresh graduates. I was even made to do a speech because I was the dude with the longest tenure back then, although I guess now, I have the shortest lmao. After I made my speech there was such an awkward pause because I basically gave a rather frank review about my time there so far.

The other grad that went to Australia for uni is quitting next week. Lmao...we are such useless shitheads.

After having dinner with a few of my college friends that went to local schools here and thus meh I didn't really have that much fun since no jokes were really made at all, I went out to the same "most exclusive" club in town that I went two weekends ago although honestly it is not exclusive at all. Initially I didn't want to go at all, because I don't have a crew in my home base at all, since everyone that I hang with are all just in transit. However, I decided to still go since...c'mon it's me and there's no way I'm not going out on the eve of a public holiday.

Great perks being friends with a club promoter. I got in for free and had 5 free drink coupons. Basically, I got pretty damn liquored up. We were just dancing in our own little group, talking and shit, and for the first time in my life, I started realizing that I wasn't checking out people in the club that much anymore, since I really just wanted N to be with me. At like 3:30 am-ish, I texted my ex J and she was so cute she was like "omg yeah I'm drunk too" so we drunk-texted each other for a bit, and then when I left all the alcohol hit me. It always seems like when I'm about to go home, I always get really drunk because of the delayed effects. In my drunken horny stupor, I gave a booty ugh yes...SAP.

I know, I'm an ass. But yeah, was not prepared at all that he would actually take a cab down to the club to make sure that I was okay enough to get a cab home. I was actually really disoriented for a while. We sat by the benches facing the bay, and he was talking about how he likes it that I don't dress or talk femme or something, and I don't exactly remember what happened but well yeah he sucked me off in public ( and stopped when people were walking by, and I ended up jizzing in his mouth and he swallowed it. I didn't kiss or touch him. Then I paid extra to get a cab home since it was impossible to flag one down, and woke up the next morning with so many texts from SAP about how I should give him a chance.

Dude is a level 99 clinger, like the overly attached girlfriend kind of shit. I am quite done with him even though he is rather cute and extremely sweet, but way too fucking needy.

N actually called me when I was in the cab back home, and today he told me he sensed something happened that night from my voice. I talked to him a bit about how we're not together yet, but that I am 100% committed to starting a monogamous relationship with him once we're actually in the same place. He then told me he wants to know if I am hooking up with anyone else, rather than feeling lied to if he finds out later. In the end, I told him about what happened with SAP. He did get pissed with me at first, but I explained how I felt, that I don't exactly feel like I'm together with him yet, but everything else doesn't matter anyway because ultimately I'm choosing to be with him, and he has talked about how he is going to introduce me to his mom to come out to her, and my parents already cannot wait to meet him. So I told him, that it's gonna happen, but for now, we aren't boyfriends yet.

He was a lot better after that. I guess along with S too, N is also skeptical about my rather...playful nature. I do like to flirt and be cheeky with guys a lot, but honestly at the end of the day I'm very old-school and would like to be in a completely faithful relationship with someone.

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with the really adorable half-German guy at a gay bar for pre-drinks, before heading out with a few college friends (that went to international schools) after. It's been a lot of fun talking to the HGG so far, and he definitely seems a lot smarter and more stable than SAP. SAP has horrible English and honestly it just makes me look down on him; I can't stand bad English (even if typed) because it just makes me assume the dude is stupid, and honestly, SAP is probably pretty stupid. Just like Aussie. They're like, rather simple-minded and stuff. Not much sophistication, yknow? I don't like that.

Well anyway that's that. I worked for 10 weeks, took 5 weeks off, worked for 3 weeks, then resigned. Lmao.

It's a public holiday but since I'm pretty much crewless I'm staying in tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to see N pretty soon!! It's about 60k mileage points to fly return off-peak, which is totally dece since I didn't fly back here on business class so I saved myself 90k points so yeah. Plus I think my dad just converted our Amex points to about 800k miles lawl so pretty much can fly anywhere.

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  1. I didn't expect that asians did helicopter parenting -- it's generally considered people with good intentions that may be in the long run undermining their kids. See this story:

    I guess like anything taken to extremes, it can have opposite consequences. Maybe your dad felt like since he used connections, his own reputation was on the line? In any case, since it was not a good fit and did not suit you, it's better you quit than suffer.

    Maybe this slip-up with SAP has a positive effect? It shows N you are a hot commodity and if he wants to snag you, he better hurry up and move so you two can be together, less others snap you up first. The thrill of the chase and competition for your attention could be powerful draws.