Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's talk about gay pr0n

Ok, so it's officially the second day of my #loaferdaze, and my social activity has taken a deep plunge since on the gay front, R has been on a study abroad program in New Delhi, India; among my other friends, my childhood homeboy J is also in India, but in Mumbai with an investment bank, my other homeboy A still hasn't fucking broken up with his girlfriend of 6 years even though their relationship is really unhealthy so he has no time for me, N isn't here, and everyone else that I hung out with in college are in Hong Kong.

What does that mean? It means that I have spent most of my time so far either playing League of Legends incessantly, jacking off multiple times a day whenever I'm bored, or skyping N which inevitably ends with a wank-off session (I swear he is always hard and full of jizz whenever we talk, even when I'm not horny which is surprising!) where I fall asleep because it's so exhausting to wank so many times a day. Soon! I promise, I will start looking to apply for jobs to get myself out of this second limbo since I've started writing this blog.

Anyhow, I decided to write about some videos that I REALLY like, hahaha. These are obviously NSFW. Typically, I do not rewatch a video that I've seen, because I can predict everything already so it spoils the fun. However, these are some examples of those that I've watched multiple times. Some are short, some are long, some are headless, but basically, all are solos. I know loads of people think solos are incredibly boring, so you might not enjoy these below. However I honestly prefer solos because there is nothing else to distract me from projecting all my fantasies on that gorgeous man on my screen. I also really like to time my nut-busting along with the guy on screen.

Forgive the l33t speak because I don't want people searching for pr0n to come to my blog, like at all. The first three are from three of my favorite websites hehehe. Honestly, the hottest boys can always be found there. The next three are small-time "relatively known people" (I wouldn't call them celebrities) for various reasons. J0nas is Mr. Br@zil 2010, and Fe|ippe is well, a well-known fucking hot public jerk-off hottie from, guess where, Brazil too (I am a churrasco queen), and the last guy is this tumblr-famous dude who admitted to being bisexual (but all he talks about are girls), and I used to stalk his tumblr hardcore because I thought he was the prettiest guy alive. The next three are sort of small little fantasies that I have. The mirror one is hellafuckinghot, because although the guy is headless, the mirror shows full view of his incredible ass and my god...what a beaut. Also, although I can't find a good example, I love it when a dude jizzes on the mirror itself hehe, it's like jizz symmetry when it shoots out, jizzmetry. Also, dude is probably Asian from the looks of it, which is cool! The next is a shower one, where I've always wanted to spy on people showering in the locker rooms etc...I am a huge perv and a voyeur. The last one is because well, R and I have discussed retiring as pr0n directors before hahahaah.

Anyway, hopefully being so open about pr0n or my cheeky frisky thoughts doesn't make me seem like an ACTUAL depraved pervert...I would shudder to think that I will grow up to be that man that I once saw whistling at me when I was at a public bathroom sink washing my hands and I look up and this grisly guy was jerking his dick off and signaling me to go into the stall to suck him off. Btdubs, I was 14. Dude. Fucking traumatized, but also strangely kinda turned on back then.

Tommy (Se@n C0dy)

Mick (1/2 Fr@tmen Twin)

Mick L0v3ll (Bel @mi)

J0nas Su|zb@ch

Fe|ippe Br@ga

Wy@tt L@ne

Anyway, now that you know my taste in dudes, I wonder if anyone can recommend me some good vids to check out too hahaha. 


  1. Watching these videos (not every one, mind you, I don't have the stamina of a young stud like Kenn-do) somehow makes me think of mooncakes. Isn't that weird? Maybe because the Autumn festival is coming up and mooncakes are starting to show up in the stores. Do you (and jw) being singapore guys, like mooncakes or do you pass on them as being too old-fashioned?

    1. Mooncakes aren't considered that old-fashioned really especially when Singaporean chefs love to come up with new flavors every year. They can have western (truffle) or local (durian) influences or are a fusion of eastern and western flavors.

      For your perusal:


    2. Another chinese dating story for jw and Kenn-do. I read stories that gay men in china feel the pressure to marry and do so just to get their parents off their backs.


      Don't give in to guilt or emotional blackmail -- if you want to have kids, do it with a gay partner thru a surrogate.

    3. Hey foc, Singapore is not China. We have very little in common.