Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nothing but a human alien

I cried reading this so much. I couldn't stop crying after. Maybe it was because the mapo tofu I had was really spicy. But I kept crying.

I'm so terribly lucky. I'm smiling now with the tears drying up on my face.


  1. Classic stereotypes turned upside down:

    I love Colbert.

  2. Kenn-do:

    Here's the story on leftover women:

    Does this happen in Singapore too? Singapore is a lot richer place than China (overall, I mean) with better access to education, social services, etc. for all people than compared to China where some places are well off like the coastal regions, but the inner parts of china are still developing. Singapore is also more democratic, so I assume these antiquated notions about the lesser status of women is less prevalent. But I wouldn't know, I don't live there while you (and jw) do.

  3. Now for the flip side of the story, leftover men:

  4. just read the articles, couldn't view the colbert one cos i'm not in the states.

    leftover women are everywhere in the world, not just in china. society in general is still very much chauvinistic, how many men do you know in the states that marry 'up'? not many dude. it's just that for china there is enormous pressure to marry while young, that's all, while successful women in the states just remain single or become cougars i guess.