Thursday, August 1, 2013

Proceeding with caution

1) He got his money back from the bank, it was hacked from India. He's not crazy

2) He told me to give him a chance, and we'll take it step by step, and hopefully with time it'll prove to me that he's not a player and he's serious this time.

3) He said only out of the 16, only 4 were real relationships where he was invested in them, and only 2 were guys.

[btw, why he had a lot of girlfriends was because when he was in middle school he held a boy's hand, and his dad saw him, and sent him to one of those straight conversion places, where a lot of ice was apparently used...]

4) Everything in his life is just farfetched. But apparently, his other really good friend, W, spoke to me on Facebook, although I've never met her, and sent me a 49 minute phone conversation they both had. She said she has an app that records all her phone calls - I'll address the sketchiness of this later.

The conversation was extremely sweet. It does show he truly cares about me, and really wants this to work. Also apparently, W and N were talking about how C is actually mental, and might still be delusional about N moving to my country (C's a countrywoman of mine) to have babies with her, and so she was probably being possessive and leaving out parts of the story to make me want to end it with N. Uhm?

I listened to it in parts, because honestly N was just going on and on about every single story in the world - so incredibly long-winded!

Still though, why would a girl record all her phone conversations for some reason?? Apparently she is some Dubai princess kind of thing, so maybe it's for security I have no clue, but really, why?

Honestly, N is THE MOST complicated person I've ever met in my life. Personality-wise, he is simple, but his life, his background, his friends, his university - everything, is so fucking laced with drama. I'm just going to go with my gut here.

I think it's clear he really likes me, and that he definitely likes me more than I like him. I get along superbly with him, minus all the drama (which he is trying to leave behind in London and come over to the exotic Asiatic region hellyeahbitches), and our personalities really go well together. We can tell each other everything. I've told him almost everything about my family and my life, which okay, is also pretty fucking complicated (older readers will know what I'm talking about, but honestly, please do not mention it on my blog anymore you can email me if you'll like to know more, like Brazil Guy who commented once). It also doesn't hurt that he's actually really hot, tall, ripped, great at kissing, and always hard around me with a nice package, hahaha.

I'm just going to be very wary about everything, that everything is slightly unbelievable, but it's not like I'm going to marry him...I'm sure we are going to have so much fun, and I'm going to learn so much about myself in the process. Because hey, I've never really truly dated anyone? Can't really count the dude I used to hook up with when I was 16...all we did was talk online, and jerk each other off in the bathroom, no real dates and shit. SO why not start with a Persian boyfriend? Plus I can't wait to jerk him off in the sea on our Aussie beach holiday hehehe. Have I mentioned a fetish of mine? I really like seeing jizz shooting out from underwater. It's hot dude. Don't laugh. I've filled up a tub before and wanked underwater just to get turned on even more lolol.

I'm such a slut.

Also dude, my coworkers honestly crack so many gay jokes. Like we were having a couple beers yesterday after work, and some dude comes by and is like, "Yo what's the occasion? Did kenn-do lose his virginity?" (I always get shit because I'm the youngest dude) and people laughed a lil, and some guy was like, "No he lost his anal virginity" and everyone, broke out into like, raucous laughter. I kinda laughed a little, but in my head I was like...uhm...awkward...


  1. Even though you've said before that you hated drama, I think you kinda like it. Vanilla's not your favorite flavor.

    Since you're about to quit, why not consider calling out your homophobic/unfaithful colleagues if it gets out of hand?


    1. love-hate r'ship with drama fasho. although, yes you're right, i definitely like drama in my life.

      i have a lot of reservations about coming out to people in sinkapour. while nothing bad has happened so far but thats really because ive known the peeps i came out to for a long time.

      those were my colleagues in my original dept anw, but we're having a BBQ bonding sesh on the 16th, and i've decided that (with a bit of liq courage of course) if anyone makes some homophobic remark, i'll pull em aside to talk to em and say that it's offensive to me because i'm gay.

    2. Imagine the DRAMA *jazz hands* if you came out to the entire department at the BBQ! I kid, I kid.


  2. There's lots of red warning flags with this one -- only you can decide whether you can remain objective and not fall into that infatuation stage, where reason is suspended and wishful thinking rules.

  3. We all have a fetish. I am turned on by big pecs and nipples. :)