Sunday, September 22, 2013


N and I just got back from taking the tube home after meeting a good old friend of mine for dinner and milkshakes, and we were really exhausted so he fell asleep wrapped around my left arm and I was sleeping leaning against the side glass window for support. I woke up blurry-eyed to check which station we were at, and a middle-aged man spoke to me.

"Which station are you getting off at? We're at ____ now."
"Oh, we're getting off at the next one, thanks!"
"You guys are beautiful. This is really beautiful [does a picture frame gesture with his hands]. Really beautiful..."
"Ahh...thank you, very nice of you to say that." By this time I was getting a lil bit shy.
"You know I paint people. Women, men too, and I would gladly paint the both of you, sleeping, him lying in your arms. Now if only I had a proper camera to capture this moment so I could paint you guys."
"Wow painting! That's very cool..." I was sheepish and thus pretty awkward but also smiling a lot. I notice he had an earring, but it was on his left ear.
"Do you want me to take a picture for you guys? Come! Pass me your phone."

Then he fumbles and kept pressing the front camera button instead because iOS 7 is pretty goddamn alien for older people, but manages to take 6-7 photos. He gets off the train after, and tells me once again, "You're very lucky. Both of you are very beautiful."

I kept smiling after that, and kissed N on his head to wake him up.

"Hey baby, it's our stop now. Wake up sleepyhead."

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