Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Friday I'm in love

1. I like to enumerate, lest I forget what I wanna talk about.

2. To address FoC's concern about N's mom: I don't particularly appreciate your frequent presumptive notion that "cultural differences" causes people, especially the people in my life, to be "sheltered." Both my family and N's family are worldly enough (basically, wealthy enough to have traveled to and lived in many places) to not be bounded by traditional "cultural" stereotypes. In a similar vein, it is strange that you regularly bring up my parents being "Asian" when actually they are the farthest from being the stereotypical "Asian" parents; most of the time the pressure comes from within myself. 

N tells me he regularly has friends who stay with him, and they sleep in his room too, on an extra bed. So his mom isn't going to be curious about why I'm sleeping in his room. Also, in front of his mom, obviously I'm not acting all affectionate and lovey-dovey towards N; I talk to him like any regular guy talks to his guy friend. I don't even think I'll be affectionate with him with my parents around when they do meet him. So, I don't think it's going to be immediately obvious to his mom about the true nature of our relationship. N plans to come out to his mom some time soon (he is out to most friends, and I would be meeting most of them during these two weeks), but we are both undecided as to whether he should tell her when I'm still around, or when I leave. N thinks his mom would be chill about the whole thing, because she is pretty open-minded and plus she has expressed to him that she really does like me. Still though, I am rather wary for my personal safety haha, but so far she does seem like a really cool nice woman. 

Also, Auntie and Uncle are used as terms of respect for elders in Asian and apparently Persian culture too (I previously asked N how should I address his mom).

3. N and I met up with one of his best guy friends last night for pizza and some wine. N has came out to most of his girl friends but I think this is his first straight guy friend that he's coming out too. The whole thing was pretty funny because the guy asked N, "so what's the big surprise you said you had for me?" And N and I both looked at each other and cracked up and after a few awkward moments, N tells him, well this guy is my boyfriend, and the dude goes, "Aha! I knew it!" Apparently at N's birthday the girls (who knew about me) talked about me quite a bit and he overheard, and he saw that I've been posting quite a lot of stuff on N's Facebook so he wondered about it...hahaha. 

Dude was a total chill ass mofo, great fun and banter really. N kept cracking jokes about all of us being minorities (dude's a black guy, I'm Asian, N's basically Iranian) and we talked about this crazy bitch who's in love with N and thinks that his homosexuality is just a phase and that they will end up together and have babies! Talk about being delusional!!! In fact on his birthday (which was just in August), she came up with this big plan of getting him really drunk and getting him to sleep over and posssssibbly rape him or some shit idk woman is basically whacked, and I told them both that when I see that bitch imma tell her to lay her fat chubby hands off my man. 

4. I am loving this whole gay relationship thingamajig. For starters, it is just terrific that I can use all of N's facial products. Dude takes care of himself (since he used to model), and so it's like being in a department store with free samplers everywhere for me. It's good to not be the vainest person around - loads of straight friends teased me for using acne cream concealer, but N actually owns foundation...and a hair straightener among other things hahaha we are such metrosexuals. 

Secondly, we have the same shirt and shoe size, and it's just awesome to be able to sort of double my closet. I didn't bring gym shoes or jackets over to London because I've just been wearing his stuff. And that's pretty awesome because N's pretty brand-conscious like me (or brand-sluts I guess), although honestly, I have way better fashion sense than he does. Only problem are the pants - he's a whopping 6 inches taller than me so screw that.

Third, we cuss at each other all the time, tickle each other, and oddly check out women quite a lot...and also fart in front of each other. Hahahaha. And we take turns paying for meals. And when either of us is feeling horny, it's easy to initiate, and then things usually become pretty hot and heavy really fast hehehe. 

5. One weird thing that happened though, is that earlier this morning he was sucking me off with some good ol' strawberry lube, and being the cheeky lil buffoon that I am, I asked him to swallow it. After I jizzed and stuff he still kept going at it, and maaaan it felt soo good so I wanted to return the favor. Now strawberry lube actually tastes really amazing btw, and it was tasty kinda going at it for a while. But when he actually blew his load, I totally forgot that he busts buckets, and my mouth soon kinda filled up with the goo, and when I swallowed the whole thing, my eyes almost fell out and I swore I almost vommed everything out. O M G. It was so nasty. D U D E. Nothing could have prepared me for that. Just writing about it is sort of bringing back the putrid taste in my mouth and I'm feeling kinda sick just thinking about it. It also kind of stuck to the back of my throat like some viscous Grimer solution. I immediately squeezed out some strawberry lube into my mouth and just nommed on that shit to get the nasty taste out...ughhhh. I told N that I was not gonna force him to swallow my load ever again. Yikes...

6. Also, I am really not at all cut out for bottoming. It hurts way too much, and honestly, N is just way too thick for my virgin-esque butt. What happened earlier today was also completely new to me. I actually had really bad diarrhea four times during breakfast itself (I excused myself four times, makes me jittery wondering what N's mom thought about my rudeness...). It seemed like bottoming totally screwed up my bowel system, and made my body homeostatically flush everything out. I was in such pain and I whimpered to N and he reassured me that the first few times he tried bottoming he had the runs for about a week. Yikes again...

7. Today is also the first day that we decided that we can say "I love you" to each other and actually mean it.'s actually only two months since we first met each other, but honestly it doesn't feel rushed at all. Day after day I find myself feeling closer to him, and I'm letting my guard down more and more. It's actually wonderful to wake up and smile at the person beside me, looking so blissful while asleep. And it's really weird because I never expected to like cuddling so much, but it is actually incredibly enjoyable. We do hold hands and kiss in public quite a bit too, which is kinda liberating and nice. He's really passionate about dance so he shows me a lot of videos from So You Think You Can Dance? and I really like music so I'm always choosing the playlist, and we watch videos like Miley's Wreeeeeecking Balllllllllll song and kinda just loop that shit for no reason. Also, we compared Instagram accounts and my god mine is really just so slutty hahaha. Interestingly, I am finding myself less interested in all these models I follow too now that I have N. Cool beans!

tl;dr: I am incredibly happy and blessed to be with N. :) There, smiley face. The end.


  1. Never come and then swallow, it takes all the pleasure out. If you are going to swallow, make sure you are the last to come.

  2. That's awesome dude. I've imagined doing a similar kind of introduction to a friend—cool that he actually did it.

  3. So the dragon ate the monkey's banana?