Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick update

N is showering right now, so I've got a bit of time to do a quick update to kinda say that I am alive and well. Basically, life is fucking great now. I was in an unreal holiday resort in the Philippines from the 4th - 8th with a girl friend from college, and then on the 9th I flew to London to be with N. It has been surreal being with N so far, everything feels so right with him. Although honestly so far, we have done nothing much but jizzed three times, showered twice, and cuddled and slept together a lot. Haha.

These are a couple pictures from the resort. I'll update more tomorrow.


Edit: Wow. I am thoroughly confused being in a house where people constantly speak a foreign language. N's mom just asked N in Farsi if I was naturally hairless or I wax. Awkward penguinnnn hahahaha.