Thursday, September 19, 2013

We could do this all night

WAZZUP GUYS??? So life is pretty strange. N and I have pretty much rolled over to "I love you" territory. It's crazy! But honestly, feels pretty darn right. We have spent about a week and a half being together for almost 24/7, and we have not gotten sick of each other at all. Sure, there was one fight that we had (he's very opinionated like me, and I hated it that he dismissed me once about guess what...finger digit ratios, and I gave him the cold treatment for like, an hour or two.) but other than that we have been perfect. Favorite activity is definitely cuddling, I don't get it, but cuddling feels fucking good, and we have been incredibly unproductive because of that.

Also, we've actually showered together for every single shower so far...and I've actually become pretty good at bottoming now that N told me it was the best sex he's ever had! Woah! He said it was because I was tighhhtt as fuck, which kinda makes sense because I'm incredibly new to bottoming, and I can't help but clench up my butt whenever he goes in. Funny story though, the morning we had the "best sex" was when we smoked up a shit ton the night before, and I think for some reason the morning after my muscles became really relaxed. He also took a longer time to bust. Dude. Awesome. I also love smoking up with my dude and blowing the smoke into his mouth by kissing him. We were pretty stoned, rooftop along Gower Street, just chilling.

I still however, really don't get what the fuck excites bottoms to bottom - I'm doing it purely to please N. It gives me absolutely no pleasure at all, and my digestive system is usually pretty fucked after that (like, I usually need to poop immediately after yikessss). But yeah, it's incredible, our sex life is insane haha. N is major-ass thick btw...he's like 5.3" thick (thick to me at least), and thus it hurts quite a lot to take it up some time. But he loves it, plus...I really cannot top at all hahaha...oh well.

But yeah. We're now one of those pretty annoying couples that would rather stay home and watch a movie together, and when we're out with N's friends, N can't seem to get his hands off me and the PDA does get to his friends some times. I've told him to calm his freakin boner haha. Tomorrow we're gonna meet my friends instead (1 gay couple and 2 fag hags) so I'm pretty excited that at last we're meeting my friends instead, though I'm not close to them at all.

The last couple days he took 4 days off work on the malingering pretense he sprained his ankle, so that's why we were together the entire time. We've decided to tell his mom after he leaves London (to not further complicate his family situation) about him being gay and about us being together, but I think she probably has a clue...

A few problems so far though: because I've been eating like a pig at home (his mom cooks pretty delicious food), and have not been going to the gym at all, it's been bad. I have noticed that the ridges of my abs are really weak now. I've also lost my tan....noooooooo

The next week is going to be really weird, because his dad is coming to stay to try to win the kids back from N's mom (they're divorced, because N's dad cheated multiple times). I've extended my stay till 29th, to fly back to the homeland with N. It's all very complicated, because basically the parents are separately writing their wills now, and there is a lot of money involved. N's dad tried to bribe N with a private yes, we are talking about a couple hundred of millions of dollars involved in the inheritance. Honestly, if N gets some of that money (highly uncertain since his dad is actually fucking mean to N, plus things might get worse if he finds out that N's gay), he's set for life. Of course, this is pretty mean to even think about because that depends on the passing away of his dad, but N really wants his dad out of his life. Anyhow, I am way too lazy to continue talking about all this.