Thursday, October 10, 2013


N came out to his mom via a long heartfelt email (they're across the globe now), and she took it badly. She cried and blamed herself for being a bad parent, and sent him many articles to articulate that homosexuality is a psychological problem that needs fixing.

This is one of the articles that she linked to him. She did apologize for being part of the 'backwards' older generation, but she said it is simply forbidden in her books. She thinks it is the broken family that has caused this, because "everything exists for a reason." She is also devastated because she has a lot of heirloom jewelry she envisioned passing on to N's wife, including a 60 carat diamond necklace, and even after N told her he wants to have a baby girl and the girl can have that, she said she can't love the grandchild the same. Probably is just the initial shock period, but she really should stop reading so many homophobic articles.

It's really strange that she still says she loves me, she thinks I'm beautiful and really sweet, but that I also need fixing like N. And it is also really embarrassing she called N out about the clump of tissues he forgot to clear out from his trash can after leaving London, and so she now knows that we were having sex in the house...and has jumped to the conclusion that we surely must have gotten some STDs or HIV now and thus need to get tested immediately.

Oh least my mom loves me and she really likes N too. In fact, she bought some durians for him to try, of which he said smelled and tasted like "raw baby chicken marinated in onions." Hahahaha.


  1. Very tough situation because she doesn't know how else to react, she has been taught to think of it as a bad thing. Hopefully her love for him will prevail and she will come around and see that he is not any different from before.

  2. Thats sweet! Hope it all works out.