Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I know I said farewell, but...

I'm just terribly excited for things to come. The past couple of days I've been having a crash course in the SGP office before heading over to the HKG office, and it's been a blast. Everyone's super chill, super funny, we all use iMacs, etc., and I grabbed a beer with my big boss and he basically tells me that he thinks I'm really bright and that he can groom me up, and that's freakin' awesome because all I really want is a mentor. Might be a bit premature, but I'm crossing my fingers that I do end up becoming the company's pet.

He was checking a lady out by the bar, when he asks me,

"Hey, so I heard you've a girlfriend up in HKG. What's her name?"

I shifted in my seat for a bit and gave a sheepish smile. The reason he thought so was because my manager over in HKG asked me if I had a girlfriend over in HKG, and I said I have "someone."

"Oh sorry if it's too personal we don't have to talk about it."
"Nah, it's cool, it's just more that it isn't really a girlfriend, because he's still with me in SGP, but gonna be flying with me to HKG tomorrow."
"Oh wow, oh ok, I'm sorry I didn't mean to put you on the spot right there."

I tell him a bit more about N, then he says he thinks it's great, it's the 21st century, everyone should be free to love whoever they want, and then he asks me if I've told my manager over in HKG yet.

"No? Well, you should! She's gay! And she's been married to her wife for a few years now. She's gonna love you so much more for telling her. You really should."

My eyes lit up. Although I kind of guessed from her short haircut, her completely relaxed chill almost "bro"-esque vibe with me during my interview, it was great to have a confirmation. She's my first lesbian acquaintance, and she's my boss!

I'm excited. She seems to really really like me too, and I really think everything's going to turn out great with this new gig. So far from what I can tell, the job is actually pretty exciting (I get to snoop around and see everyone's compensations and all the gossips in these circles etc.), and the hours are definitely not that long (probably till 8 pm) and surprisingly, I'm actually paid more than my previous job (probably because this firm is full of Americans who would be deigned to be paid like every other underpaid Asian gulag). More importantly, I like everyone, and this completely fits my personality of being a small cosy niche company with outgoing lively coworkers and a very client-based job role in a city where I can wear my suit and tie and look and feel dapper as fuck. Also, I got this job completely without my dad's help! Wahoo!

N packed all my stuff for me for our flight. He's so adorable. He kept saying "oh shit I'm in crisis mode" because he needs all of his stuff (and my stuff) to be in some strange esoteric order and so he repacked everything three times, and I didn't need to lift a finger. To reward him, I jerked him off while we watched X Factor hahaha. Well, he did that to me last night too, so a man has to always return the favor ya know.

Another thing that I'm really pumped about HKG - I have a gym/pool/sauna right in my apartment building. It's gonna be helluva lot easier to drag my ass to the gym now. (After I stopped working, the gym that I would go to, which used to be in my office building, is now 20 minutes by car away from my house...thus I virtually never went.) N snacks way too much and it tempts me like a naked cowboy stripper and I've put on 4.5 lbs of fat... fuck me. I am now actually heavier than him when he's 6 inches taller than me... h o l y s h i t. I am actually horribly out of shape now; I definitely do not look like my profile picture; 32" suit pants are ridiculously tight. It is very unnerving and so I am thinking of ways to force myself to be disciplined and gym every alternate day and swim on the other days. Going to start a low-carb diet, no more chips, no more rice, just eggs eggs eggs. I have to get down to being able to fit in my suit pants again because honestly, 32" is the benchmark of fatness for me, I cannot tolerate being a 33". Sorry #gayboyproblems.


  1. Wow! N really has energized you, you are now loud and proud. :-) And why not? New city, new adventures, new possibilities -- why suppress inhibitions when you can be totally yourself.

    Now you can go to the gym together with N and make the other guys jealous.

    1. It's weird because I'm almost inhibition free now, I've even kissed N in the gym. And nah, mostly old dudes use the gym at my place...