Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New beginnings

YEAAHHH BABY!!! I got the job with the headhunting (professionally known as "executive search") firm in HK! Gonna be moving there next Friday with N. So pumped, so excited, so thankful. I basically met all the dudes in the firm, it's crazy because this was my only interview series ever where I felt very composed and confident, but also easily the longest one ever (I probably spent a total of 9 hours interviewing with each and every single one of them). 

Things with N are going great. His mom has become very very accepting of him now, and he has unrestricted her access to his Facebook page, so now she sees all of our pictures together haha. My wall is honestly filled with him checking in to various places with me, so I'm pretty sure anyone who looks at our walls would know what's going on. Don't really care though; I have reached complete acceptance of my gay identity and it's great. 

I'm very tempted to post up some pictures of us together, but I don't think he would like it. He saw me checking blogger out and he asked me about it, and I couldn't lie so I told him that I have this anonymous blog where I wrote all my innermost feelings and thoughts since the day I decided to come out to my first person, all the way till now. And that I write quite a bit about him. He really wanted to read what I wrote about him, but I told him I can't; it's way creepy (on my end), and uncomfortable for me. 

We've done so much together though. Unlike other couples, we have spent the last 8 weeks basically living together. 24/7. So things naturally have progressed really fast. Oddly, he completely is able to tolerate my short temper and snappiness. I have also managed to quite enjoy his neediness, where he says creepy but adorable things like "Oof! I just want to squeeze you so hard till your juices come out!" And I shoot him a 'wtf' look. Lol. He also cannoootttt stop touching my bum. It's weird. 

So the plan for us now is, I'll work in Hong Kong. He'll apply to a couple universities over there, and hopefully at least one accepts him as a transfer kid, and he'll go to school and work part-time. In a couple years' time, we'll go to the states for master's/MBA. Then, eh, idk, maybe we might get married there hahahaha, and either move back to Asia, or stay there for a couple more years. 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying unemployment life, being fat (have not gone to the gym at all since forever), being pasty (I'm taking Isotretinoin and so can't get much sun), and being with my boyfriend. Seems like 2013 would end with the best ending I've ever had so far.

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  1. Cool! Like Yin and Yang -- you go together.