Saturday, October 12, 2013


Woah what is feedspot and why do I have followers on it. Didn't know there was like a google reader replacement thing. Anyway pretty cool to receive an email from them about getting a free years worth of no ads...for a website that I haven't actually heard of but I guess I'll check it out some time.

What's up everyone? I guess it wasn't completely farewell farewell hah cos I do like blogging. There is definitely less motivation to share stuff anonymously online now though as I talk to N about pretty much everything. I'm typing this now on my phone while he's asleep beside me. It's seriously just mind blowing how tight and close we are given that we only met on July 11 and spent 7 weeks apart and now he's moving countries for me.

And all this is gonna sound stupid crazy but guys, N really might be "the one" for me. Like seriously we are perfect together. He is incredibly patient and level headed and that compliments my hotheaded and impatient self pretty well cos he calms me down (I frequently get road rage cos traffic in the city fucking sucks donkey cock). I am also a lot more fiscally responsible while N kinds of just spends without caution and I constantly rein him in pointing out cheaper alternatives haha since dude, he doesn't have access to unlimited money like before. Also, we seriously become fucking babies together, calling each other "boo-boo" or cutie McCutie HAH and he calls me tushie too And the sex is pretty good, we have tried quite a few positions and I'm definitely getting better at this hah. I still however find no carnal pleasure whatsoever in bottoming and frequently can't even get hard... So I have to finish off after he finishes off, or some times I just don't. But yeah he really might be the one. My friends love him too and tell me that they're happy for me, and my family likes him too, and dude nothing has ever gone so well in my life before. Not that I've a shitty life but you know how things always have ups and downs or pros and cons? There are almost no cons in our relationship. Woah again.

Also I might have a job in HK soon. It's with a tiny tiny (12 people) young (founded in 2011) executive search (headhunting) firm founded by a couple of Americans/Europeans living in Asia. Dude. Startup environment plus "international" colleagues plus cool job scope (I get to write the candidate profile write ups and presentations for client companies) equals awesome opportunity. Don't know if I'll really get it yet still gotta talk to the whole SGP team on Monday (they're showing me around the office and to get to know them a bit better) so not gonna jinx it yet. But I'm very excited about this, seems super clutch. Besides, I found this job completely by myself (I trawled the internet and found it on LinkedIn hahah) without any connections from my dad so holy holy shit this could be my first job that I didn't need to use his help for. Go me!!!

N might have a job too with the W since we kinda bumped into his W HK DJ friend at a gay bar in SGP who told him to come down for an interview when he's in HK for any openings. Not sure where this would really go as the dude seems pretty uninterested after realizing that N wasn't lying when he told him that he has a boyfriend. Lol. In fact at the gay bar quite a few people hit on N, or both of us in fact (some old dude came to us and said he really enjoys watching us make out) and N turned everyone down and didn't even really check them out at all (granted they were all unattractive to begin with) so that's a good sign haha. And none of us have Grindr or jackd anymore! Woop woop.

Oooh he's awake now, covering his mouth and saying "morning baby" cos he thinks his breath smells. Such an adorable guy haha. Catch ya all later.

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  1. He is your yang to your yin.