Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cheers to the fricken weekend

So there's a glitch, I have about 4-5 times more number of views on my latest entries than the average of my other entries...that's weird, because it's a bunch of text and nothing else. Oh well.

So, hey there. Job has started. Been pretty weird over the last couple days cos my boss left for SGP after 4 hours of zipping around town with me in tow, and would be back only tomorrow. So I've been bumming around in the office since I'm not particularly in my "oh yes, I'm a highly motivated self-starter with boundless initiative" mode that I was during my interview. Doh. In fact I left at 5:30 today, since no one was in the office.

Over in the office we have merely two consultants - one is a bald ex-finance old-school guy who intimidates me, and the other is a married lesbian who's an Army veteran. The chick is awesome, super chill and funny, so I'm really excited to be working with her. We also share the office with a hedge fund, and most of them are Americans too, and on my first day there I was asked a whole bunch of sports-related questions about the Packers, Red Sox, Bears, whatever the fuck, I just stood there blinking my eyes wanting to tell them "sorry but if everyone played naked, I would watch them." Dudes just love talking about sports. Seriously. I rather talk about my new Bottega Veneta wallet.

Fuck me. I smell the leather like, every 2 seconds. It's "my precious." Now that I'm finally earning money again, I was like, why not? After all, I do very much like nice things.

Also, one of the dudes in the hedge fund is this incredibly hunky Asian guy who has really nice biceps, chest, and butt. Face - meh, ain't that great, but I am not going to lie I have checked him out a couple of times. I definitely ain't gonna be cheating on N, but at least I have some eye candy at work. 

I've also downloaded a calorie counting app called myfitnesspal in my bid to start shedding some flab. It's fucking ridiculous now that I know that I can only eat 1,600 calories per day to reach my goal?? Wtf that's like starving myself. I do however really like this app because there's loads of Asian food saved in it so it's much easier for me to track hahaha (I used another one before and it was so Western it sucked - they didn't even have chinese egg tarts! Heresy!) And ok, I've also decided to take public transport to and back from work instead of getting driven so I get some exercise too... plus I realize I do like power-walking before going into the office, I feel oddly refreshed. I have also been getting back into my gym routine, so I'm feeling positive about this now. I'm irrationally obsessed about my body image; N tells me he thinks I don't need to lose weight at all. Might be true, but oh well. All I know is my confidence level has been dropping, and I know I'll feel a lot more confident when I can start breathing properly in my pants again lol.

Also, I think I might be tricking my mind into thinking I have celiac. I get incredibly bloated and belchy when I eat any noodles/pasta/bread. Asian rice apparently contains no gluten though. Gonna try to cut down on all that gluten shit. Can't believe I'm buying into the trend of gluten-free diets - I am anti-trendy!

No point to my entry. But this is kinda cool.


  1. Ummm, daan taat. I like the coconut ones too. Don't know how you are going to keep the weight off surrounded by all that wonderful chinese food available.

  2. I enjoy using My Fitness Pal, it tends to have a lot of food information compared to others I have used. I hope it goes well, keep us updated with the progress.