Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Look how far you've come"

I just feel so incredibly blessed with life. I just had a couple friends over and we drank two bottles of wine, and I only had 2 glasses but I'm already pretty tipsy! What a lightweight I've become after not drinking for what...three weeks? Haha. Today my friends came over to the mall that I live above (yes, so incredibly blessed) and we had sushi, then wine at home. Yesterday N's friends visited too, and we had Mexican also in the same mall, and then wine on the 62nd floor. Both nights were incredibly chill and fun.

My brother's ending his investment banking internship early, only after a month into it. Hah! Turns out he really detests how mindless and unfulfilling it is, plus the long hours really got to him because he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. Great that he is also slowly finding his own voice. Happy for him, although I'm going to really miss having him around in the house - the three of us have actually had a really chill nice time living together so far.

When I say three of us, I meant N, my brother and I. My dad is hardly ever around because he basically lives on a plane. And my brother is also supes chill about me sharing a bed with N haha. In fact...he accidentally saw pictures of N and I kissing on N's phone today!!! Yikesss.

Turns out my birthday surprise was scuba diving. Man. It was actually incredibly fun. It was also so relaxing getting away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Yes! We could actually scuba dive in HK! And turns out there are actually loads of stuff to see so that was great. We kayaked after too. Super chill and relaxing day with my booboo.

Today, N held me by the hands and told me, "Look how far you've come. Since the start of the year. Since first getting to know me, not being sure if you want to be with me, everything. Look how far you've come."

I smiled so wide, and hugged him so tight.

Oddly, S has been trying to reconnect with me. Apparently my good friend R told me that every time S talks to him, he will ask about me. I guess S is really bummed out he never gave me a full chance in the end. Totally his loss. Looking back now, I am so glad I didn't go anywhere with him - he is totally not my type.

Also, N has been working out hardcore (since honestly he isn't working nor going to school and so has loads of free time) and has been bulking up and looking real mad sexy these days phwwwoaaaarrrr seriously I am one lucky helluva guy.

And yes, FoC, Christmas is a pretty big deal here. I have loads of photos of N and I with various Christmas backdrops that I am contemplating uploading here - should I?


  1. Keep those christmas pictures together for your wedding slide show. The way things are going, it's gonna get better. You know I was skeptical at first, so I will be first to admit that I was wrong.

    Continue to build your relationship -- as Dr. Phil says the basis of a relationship is function of a solid friendship and the extent to which you meet each other's needs. Solid advice.

  2. Merry Christmas! Remember to ask Santa for your special stocking stuffer. ;-)