Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Married Life

So...I'm a fucking dumbass and somehow realized I've lost my goddamn passport an hour before I was flying back to the homeland for Chinese New Year, and had to go through a rather stressful 24 hours scrambling about trying to get my ass back home, but have finally made it back to the motherland to see the fam and well, visit relatives and stuff. N is also in London right now, settling some university issues, and needless to say I am having a bit of a separation anxiety right now.

I have been looping the above song multiple times, and actually teared a little bit. My brother came into my room and saw me a little sad, and he asked me what's up, and I told him that I miss N, and he was like, wow, you guys are only going to be apart for a week dude.

When I watched Up with N in our living room a few weeks ago (because he has never seen it), he cried doing this scene of the movie, playing to the theme song of Married Life. He started sobbing pretty badly actually, and I asked him why, and he said he is crying because he can't bear to lose me, and told me that if he dies first, I have to promise him that I'll pick myself up and be happy and move on. It was so morbid and insane to think about (given we're both only in our mere twenties), but I hugged him really tightly when he said that.

Every single one of our friends actually absolutely adore us as a couple. In fact many of my friends have said we're a model couple! That really does make me smile :)

This is also the first time that when people ask me if I've got a girlfriend yet/getting a wife soon, I'm just going to cheekily nod and feel absolutely no guilt about it. It's pointless for me to explain to the relatives about me dating a 6 foot 2 Persian man whom I want to have surrogate children with, so I'm just going with the "yes yes, slowly finding one" answer.

Also, coming back home has further cemented to me the fact that Hong Kong really now is going to be my real home. Really do feel very little sense of belonging being back here. It's good to see the rest of the fam though.

I really do miss N so very much. There is a possibility that he might return to London for school this Q4  for 3 years...I do not know how we are going to cope with the long-distance. It will be so terribly difficult.

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  1. Happy new year! We are doing a family dinner too on 1/31.

    See if N can do his schooling in HK.