Sunday, February 2, 2014

i don't know i feel really weird about everything. N might go back to london by october for school if he doesn't transfer to school in HK, and my bosses at work actually really do not like me because i'm not what they really do need (basically a glorified personal assistant - fuck that shit), and i keep thinking of quitting now and moving to london, which is bad, because i seem to keep quitting whenever i don't get along with my bosses, but that's really because lady bosses are menstrual banshees. (not my fault at all...jk). but anyway,

what the fuck am i going to do in 2014 too??? fuck! and i thought 2013 was uncertain enough, and now with N things are gonna be a lot more stable and shit but no. fuck. if he moves to london, i'm not gonna stay put here...i'm really just gonna go with him i think. we both agree that it is actually going to be excruciatingly difficult for us to be apart.

one of my options is to do a master of finance in london. i fucking hate school, and i hated school in london, and i'm sure masters is a bitch to study for, but if it can get me to london to be with N, and actually allow me to also differ working for bitches for a while, maybe that's a good idea.

also, random but no idea why i called N, N. N is his middle name. lol. his first name is an exotic persian name, but N is just like, regular shit.


  1. You have options. Go to school in London (extra schooling can only help our career as long as you choose something relevant); transfer to the London office of your existing company; quit and go look for a job in London while N finishes up school. You just have to adapt to the unexpected circumstances life throws at you sometimes. Part of it will depend on how easier it will be for the other guy to re-arrange his life. If it's easier for N to to go school in HK, then do that. If that's difficult or impossible, then you have to be the one that follows him.

    There are other options but I assume you have ruled them out already (long distance relationship or temporary separation).

    1. my current company doesn't have a london office.

      gonna be hard to get a job in london as a foreigner...being a foreigner is hard hmmmmmm